Where is gold mines in Canada?

Gold is mined in nine provinces and territories including out west in British Columbia, to the north in Nunavut, and in the east on the island of Newfoundland. Gold was first discovered in Canada in the 1820s along the shores of the Rivière Chaudière in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Where is gold mined in Ontario?


Mine Coordinates Location
Detour Lake Mine 50°1′8.75″N 79°42′54.08″W Cochrane
Dome Mine 48°27′N 081°14′W Timmins
Golden Giant Mine 48.00°41′N 85.00°54′W Hemlo
Hermiston-McCauley Mine 47°05′54.30″N 79°49′38.18″W Temagami

Where are geodes found in Ontario?

Some places to explore…

  • The Miner’s Loop. The Miner’s Loop is located approx an hour south of Bancroft.
  • The Richardson Mine. The Richardson Mine is the site of Ontario’s first gold mine.
  • The Marmoraton Mine.
  • Deloro Mine.
  • Bancroft Mineral Museum.
  • Rock and Mineral Collecting Sites.
  • CN Rock Dump.
  • Can you find gold nuggets in Ontario?

    However, it is important to note that if you are looking to find gold by panning, it may not be as easy as you think, even though Ontario is extremely rich with gold. Ontario’s gold reserves are mostly mineral deposits making it quite difficult to find any nuggets or flour gold deposits in the river sediments.

    Who is the biggest mining company in the world?

    List of largest mining companies by revenue

    No. Company Revenue (billion US dollars)
    1 Glencore 220.1
    2 BHP 43.6
    3 Rio Tinto 40.7
    4 China Shenhua Energy 38

    What is Canadian Malartic mine?

    Canadian Malartic mine is an open-pit gold mine located in Quebec, Canada. It is the largest operating gold mine in Canada. Canadian Malartic mine is located in Quebec, Canada. Credit: Canadian Malartic. The mine is owned and operated by Canadian Malartic General Partnership.

    How long did it take to develop Malartic mine?

    The mine was developed over a period of six years following the first exploration drill holes in 2005. It produced first gold in April 2011 and began commercial production in May 2011. Canadian Malartic has an estimated mine life of 20 years.

    What is the Canadian Malartic partnership?

    The Canadian Malartic Partnership (Partnership) is owned equally by Yamana Gold Inc. and Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. It manages and operates Canadian Malartic Mine, Canada’s largest open-pit gold mine located in the Town of Malartic, in the heart of the Abitibi Gold Belt.

    When were the first geological maps of the Malartic area produced?

    The first geological maps of the Malartic area (Fournière Township) were produced in 1925 by the Geological Survey of Canada and by Quebec Mines Service geologist O‟Neill (1935), who remapped the Canadian Malartic property at a detailed scale and provided the first petrographic descriptions of the mineralized rocks.