Where is Muga silk produced in Assam?

Muga culture is endemic to erstwhile Assam and is the largest producer of the famous golden Muga silk in the world. Muga culture is mainly distributed in the districts of Kamrup, Goalpara, Udalguri, Kokrajhar, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, Lakhimpur & Dhemaji.

Which saree is famous in Assam?

The Makhela Chaddar, a traditional Assam silk saree, is made up of Muga or the golden silk fiber and is the finest version of Assam Muga silk sarees.

What is Muga saree?

Muga silk is a variety of wild silk geographically tagged to the state of Assam in India. The silk is known for its extreme durability and has a natural yellowish-golden tint with a shimmering, glossy texture. Muga silk, like other Assam silks, is used in products like saris, mekhalas and chadors.

What is a saree of Assam called?

Mekhela Chador (also spelled as Mekhela Chadar, Mekhela Sador or Mekhla Chadar), is a type of Saree comprising two pieces of cloth, draped on the top and bottom, which is the traditional attire worn by the women of Assam.

Why Muga silk is expensive?

Unlike any other fabric, muga silk has a naturally lustrous gold sheen. It comes from the cocoons of muga moths that feed on som trees. A saree made with muga silk can cost $6,500, thousands more than other saris. But the caterpillars needed to make it are in danger.

Is Muga silk soft?

He was also awarded a patent for the process for preparation of soft muga silk in March 2002. All for good reason. That’s because, there is an inherent hardness in muga fabric due to its 10-12 per cent serecin content which tends to make it difficult to use for various purposes.

How do you identify Muga silk?

The only method to identify a Muga silk from other natural silk is by using a certain kind of microscope. However, the strict quality check at the time of production and the GI status ensures that you only hold an original product in your hand. An alarm bell could be the cost – if it’s less than Rs.

How is Muga silk obtained?

Muga silk, which is mainly produced by the Garo community of Assam, is obtained from semi-domesticated multivoltine silkworm, Antheraea Assamensis. These silkworms feed on the leaves of Som and Soalu plants and the silk produced from them is known for its glossy texture and durability.

Is Muga silk expensive?

Muga, One Of The Most Expensive Silks In The World.

Why buy Assam Muga silk sarees online?

Bharatsthali brings you an exclusive range of Assam Muga silk sarees online. The opulence which royal families were once associated with can now be a part of your wardrobe and style quotient. The muga silk sarees online are procured directly from the weavers in Assam, translating to lesser and reasonable costs.

What are the different types of traditional sarees in Assam?

Assam is home to different types of traditional sarees. The Makhela Chaddar, a traditional Assam silk saree, is made up of Muga or the golden silk fiber and is the finest version of Assam Muga silk sarees. It resembles a saree, yet it is not a saree.

What is the famous Silk of Assam?

The state is famous for its silk handloom and the weavers’ expertise in various types of silk like Eri, Muga, Pat etc. The most prominent and prestigious of all is Muga silk, which is a golden silk found exclusively in this state. Muga silk is one of nature’s gifts to Assam.

What is muga silk?

Muga silk is one of nature’s gifts to Assam. The word Muga is derived from an Assamese word which means yellowish. It is superior in every aspect from the normal white silk that is available all over the world. It has a fine look and lustrous feel, which is further enhanced by the distinctive way it is woven in Assam.