Which is the largest Luhya sub tribe?

The Bukusu and the Maragoli are the two largest Luhya clans. The principal traditional settlement area of the Luhya is in what was formerly the Western province and Nyanza province of Kenya.

How many sub tribes are in Luhya?

eighteen sub-communities
The Luhya are a western Bantu ethnic group, which comprises of eighteen sub-communities: Isukha, Bukusu, Maragoli, Banyala, Banyore, Batsotso, Gisu, Idakho, Kabras, Khayo, Kisa, Marachi, Marama, Masaaba, Samia, Tachoni, Tiriki and Wanga with different but mutually understood linguistic dialects.

Where did bukusu came from?

Oral tradition The Bukusu trace their origin from Muntu we Entebbe, who lived in Tabasya of Misri. Muntu was a great warrior who was later deified by the people of Misri. His son Mwambu married Sela, the granddaughter Samba Ambarani, who is believed to be Abraham the Hebrew.

What do Luo call their God?

Nyasaye is the Luo and Gusii word for God. The same or similar words are also used by speakers of Luhya languages, but they refer to the same entity.

How do you say thank you in Luhya?

Kusandizi is a word used to say thank in Maragoli. It means: We are grateful. This word is one of more common ways of expressing gratitude in Lulogooli. This is what one would thank, say a chief after barasa or a customer care representative at a company who has been particularly helpful.

Is Maragoli a Luhya?

The Maragoli, or Logoli, are now the second-largest ethnic group of the 6 million-strong Luhya nation in Kenya, numbering around 2.1 million, or 15% of the Luhya people according to the last Kenyan census.

Who are the Abaluhya?

Though considered as one tribe, the Abaluhya consist of over 18 sub-tribes, each speaking a different dialect of the Luyia language. The Bukusu and Maragoli are the two largest Luhya sub tribes. The others include Banyala, Banyore, Batsotso, Gisu, Idakho, Isukha, Kabras, Khayo, Kisa, Marachi, Marama, Masaaba, Samia, Tachoni, Tiriki and Wanga.

Who are the Luhya clans?

They number 6,823,842 people according to the 2019 national census, accounting for about 35% of Kenya’s total population. Luhya refers to both the 20 Luhya Clans and their respective languages collectively called Luhya languages. There are 20 (and by other accounts, 21, when the Suba are included) clans that make up the Luhya.

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What is the difference between Luhya and Abaluhya?

Each has a distinct dialect. The word Luhya or Luyia in some of the dialects means “the north”, and Abaluhya (Abaluyia) thus means “people from the north”. Other translations are “those of the same hearth.”.