Which Longaberger baskets are the most valuable?

The most expensive single Longaberger basket listed on Ebay is a “rare miniature Larry Longaberger Bread & Milk Basket” which is selling for close to $750. The basket comes with free shipping.

Are old Longaberger baskets worth anything?

Longaberger baskets While some of the baskets originally sold for hundreds of dollars, many are now available for as little as $20. There are some exceptions for true limited-edition baskets or those signed by members of the Longaberger family.

How do I identify my Longaberger basket?

To determine if you are looking at a Longaberger Basket, follow these simple tips:

  1. Turn the basket over. Is the basket dated, stamped with the The Longaberger Company logo, and signed with the weaver’s initials?
  2. Take a look at the material the basket is made from.
  3. Examine the top band, or trim strip.
  4. Study the splints.

Are old picnic baskets worth anything?

These are still being made today, and modern picnic baskets can be had for less than $100. More collectible hampers from the 1970s might bring several hundred dollars, particularly if complete. Much older baskets also can be worth several hundred dollars and up.

What are signed Longaberger baskets worth?

Signatures of the the Longaberger siblings are more common, thus not adding as much; although it has been shown in the market that a basket with several signatures tends to be valued higher (add $30), than if there is just one or two.

What can I do with old picnic baskets?

Here’s a list of some of the things you can store in your basket.

  1. Garden tools and gloves.
  2. Craft supplies.
  3. Seasonal paper plates and napkins.
  4. Tablecloths.
  5. Rain gear.
  6. Books.
  7. Candles.
  8. Seasonal and holiday decor.

How can you tell if a basket is antique?

Look also for wooden handles and fine work throughout the body of the piece. The surface of an older basket will bear witness to its age, perhaps with a nicely darkened surface, wear in expected places (on handles, for example), and/or some wear to surface paint, if present.