Who is Laito in love with?

Cordelia is the only woman Laito have ever loved, and the same way like her, he tries to escape the cruel reality through the lust. Karlheinz has completely neglected Laito as his father, except for the one occasion to punish him in order to show him no matter what he can’t steal his wife (Cordelia) .

What is Laito Sakamaki afraid of?

He is right-handed like his triplet brother Kanato. His foot size is 26cm. He is scared of bugs and creepy crawlies.

Who does Yui Komori end up with?

AyaYui is a popular ship in the Diabolik Lovers fandom. This is mainly due to the anime where the two’s relationship is the main focus, it is also supported as Ayato has married Yui in all of the Diabolik Lovers games, unlike the other characters.

Is Laito in love with Cordelia?

Laito. Laito was neglected as a child by Cordelia. However, as he grew up Cordelia began an incestuous relationship between them. He grows obsessed by his love for Cordelia to the point to wanting to posses her only for himself and and start killing her other lovers.

What episode does Laito bite Yui?

Episode 12 Laito says that he can’t believe Yui went ahead and stabbed herself.

Did Laito sleep with Cordelia?

Although, he and Kanato had more freedom then their brother Ayato, Laito was envy of his brothers because they had their mother’s attention and he didn’t. Cordelia did slept with other men which Laito would kill them so he could have his mother/lover to himself.

Who is Laito Sakamaki?

This article may contain plot details about the game, anime and other media. Laito Sakamaki (逆巻 ライト Sakamaki Raito) is the fifth son (biologically the third) of the Sakamaki household. Laito, along with Kanato and Ayato, the triplets, are the sons of Cordelia and Karlheinz, the Vampire King.

What kind of person is Laito?

Laito is extremely perverted. His perverted nature causes him to be suspended from school often. Laito is a Do-S (extreme sadist like all of his brothers). He is always cheerful and loves to joke and is similar to Ayato when teasing the heroine.

Does Laito have any fighting skills?

In general, Laito doesn’t like to fight (even though he enjoys to torture). Therefore, he hasn’t developed many fighting skills and strength.

What does Laito look like in anime?

Laito has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips, a mole on the right side of his chin and green eyes just like his triplet brother Ayato. He has fair skin and is usually seen in a pose where he holds the tip of his hat as it looks like he is trying to pull it down.