Who is the dancer in en Peru Meenakumari?

Mumaith has appeared in a number of songs in Tamil which includes En Chella Peru Apple in Pokkiri, Yen Peru Meenakumari in Kanthaswamy and Mambattiyan.

Who is the dancer in Munna Bhai MBBS?

Mumait Khan: Nandini (Dancer in Song: Dekh le)

Is mumaith Khan man?

Mumaith Khan is a Indian, Actress. Mumaith Khan was born on 1 September 1985 at and Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. Mumaith Khan hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, religion belongs to is Islam and nationality, Indian….Wiki / Biography.

Name Mumaith Khan
Nationality Indian
Profession Actress

What is the profession of Mumaith Khan?

DancerPlayback Singer
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What is mumaith Khan age?

36 years (September 1, 1985)
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Does Munna Bhai become a doctor?

But Chinki’s father is aware that Munna is not a doctor and is a goon, so he bust Munna in front of his parents. Munna’s Father disowns Munna and Munna challenges himself to become a doctor to show his father he is capable of it. Munna attends medical school, which is run by Chinkis father.

What is the age of Monal Gajjar?

30 years (May 13, 1991)
Monal Gajjar/Age

When did Monal Gajjar born?

May 13, 1991 (age 30 years)
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What is the real name of Meena Kumari?

Meena Kumari (born Mahjabeen Bano, 1 August 1933 – 31 March 1972) was an Indian film actress, singer and poet under the pseudonym Naaz, who starred in classic films of Hindi Cinema. Popularly known as The Tragedy Queen, Chinese Doll and Female Guru Dutt, she is often remembered as Cinderella of Indian films.

Who is Meena Kandasamy?

Meena Kandasamy is a writer, activist, translator, activism, and translation. Meena was given the name Ilavenil Kandasamy in 1984. Meena Keshwar Kamal was a revolutionary, activism, feminism, women’s rights, revolutionarypolitical activist, feminist, and women’s rightsactivist.

What is Meena Kumari’s religion?

Meena Kumari’s father was a Muslim, and her mother was a Christian. Meena Kumari’s grandmother was Rabindranath Tagore’s younger brother’s daughter. Meena started working as a child actor with Director Vijay Bhatt at the young age of 4 years because of the poor financial state of her family.

What is Meena Kumari’s best performance in Bollywood?

Meena Kumari’s performance in the film ensured her a nomination in the Best Actress category in the Filmfare awards for that year. The film Pinjre Ke Panchhi was directed by Salil Choudhury, with Meena Kumari, Balraj Sahni and Mehmood in main roles.