Who is Ustad Abdul Rasul Sayyaf?

Also known as Abd-i-Rab Rasoul Sayaf and originally named Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, Ustad Abdul Rasul Sayyaf is a Wahhabi Pashtun warlord who led a Pashtun militia that was allied with the United Front (Northern Alliance).

Who is Sayeed Sayyaf?

Sayyaf was prominent in the mujahideen war against the Soviet occupation as a leader of the Itihad-i-Islami Baraye Azadi Afghanistan (United Islamic Front for the Liberation of Afghanistan). He was an active member of the mujahideen coalition “Unity of Seven.”

How old is Abdul Sayyaf?

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (/ ɑːbˈduːl rəˈsuːl saɪˈjɑːf / (listen) ahb-DOOL rə-SOOL sy-YAHF; Pashto: عبدالرسول سیاف ‎, born 1946, Paghman, Kabul Province, Afghanistan) is an Afghan politician and former mujahideen commander.

What did Sayyaf talk about in Kabul meeting?

He said Sayyaf only talked about a grand meeting his party planned to organise in Kabul on how to forge a national consensus ahead of the elections.