Who owns parkmore?

GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund
Parkmore Shopping Centre is owned by GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund and managed by The GPT Group.

What suburb is Parkmore Shopping centre in?

Parkmore Shopping Centre is a regional shopping centre offering an extensive selection of stores and services in a modern and convenient environment. The centre is located approximately 35 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, in the suburb of Keysborough and has been servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne since 1973.

What time does Chirnside Park close?

Chirnside Park is open 7 days a week….CENTRE OPENING HOURS.

Monday 9am – 5.30pm
Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

When did Parkmore Shopping Centre open?

November 27, 1973
Parkmore Shopping Centre/Opened

Who Owns Chirnside Park?

Chirnside Park Shopping Centre is a suburban shopping centre, located in Chirnside Park, Melbourne, Australia and is owned by GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund….Chirnside Park Shopping Centre.

The current logo for Chirnside Park Shopping Centre
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Management GPT Group
Owner GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund

What is the postcode for Chirnside Park?

Chirnside Park/Postal codes

What’s Open in Parkmore?

Is Chirnside Park a good suburb?

Live in a very quite , very friendly area of Chirnside Park . Great friendly people live in this area . If the facilities for the residents of Chirnside Park are not available in the suburb there is always Moorolbark ,Croydon and Lilydale very close by that can accomodate .

What is Chirnside Park named after?

Subdivision was approved by the then Shire of Lillydale in 1956 with the residential area, centred on the two-storey stone homestead, country club and golf course, named Chirnside Park in 1962 in honour of Thomas Chirnside, who founded the Chirnside empire in 1839.

Whats Open in Melbourne CBD?

What is open now in Victoria

  • Museums Victoria. Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, the Immigration Museum and IMAX have reopened to the public.
  • The State Library of Victoria.
  • Melbourne Aquarium.
  • Gyms.
  • Tourist accommodation, caravan parks and campgrounds.
  • Cinemas.
  • Dine-in for restaurants, cafés and bars.
  • Melbourne zoos.