Who shot down Hans Joachim Marseille?

James Denis
Marseille scored two more victories on 23 and 28 April, his first in the North African Campaign. However, on 23 April, Marseille himself was shot down during his third sortie of that day by Sous-Lieutenant James Denis, a Free French pilot with No. 73 Squadron RAF (8.5 victories), flying a Hawker Hurricane.

How many kills did Hans Joachim Marseille?

Hans-Joachim Marseille scored his 35th and 36th kills as he shot down two South African Hurricane fighters southeast of Derna, Libya at 1100 and 1128 hours; he also damaged another enemy fighter in combat….Hans-Joachim Marseille.

Surname Marseille
Given Name Hans-Joachim
Born 13 Dec 1919
Died 30 Sep 1942
Country Germany

Who was the most famous German pilot ww2?

Erich Alfred Hartmann
Erich Alfred Hartmann (19 April 1922 – 20 September 1993) was a German fighter pilot during World War II and the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare. He flew 1,404 combat missions and participated in aerial combat on 825 separate occasions.

Who shot down the most planes in one day?

Emil Lang shot down 18 Soviet fighters on 3 November 1943, the most kills on a single day by any pilot in history. August Lambert shot down 17 Soviet aircraft on a single day in 1944. Hubert Strassl shot down 15 Soviet aircraft on 5 July 1943 near Orel. Wilhelm Batz claimed 15 Soviet aircraft shot down on 31 May 1944.

Who is considered the best pilot in the world?

Amen, we say.

  1. James H. Doolittle.
  2. Noel Wien. Thanks to Noel Wien, Alaska has a higher ratio of aircraft and pilots to residents than any other state.
  3. Robert A. Hoover.
  4. Charles A. Lindbergh.
  5. Charles E. Yeager.
  6. Scott Crossfield.
  7. Erich Hartmann.
  8. Anthony W.

Who is the fastest pilot in the world?


Date Pilot Airspeed
17 December 1903 Wilbur Wright 6.82
5 October 1905 Wilbur Wright 37.85
12 November 1906 Alberto Santos-Dumont 25.65

Was ist der Jagdflieger Hans-Joachim Marseille?

Der Jagdflieger Hans-Joachim Marseille – Namensgeber der “Marseille-Kaserne” in Appen [Is this still tradition, or must it go? The fighter pilot Hans-Joachim Marseille, namesake of the Marseille-Kaserne] the historians discuss Marseille and his character.

What happened to Marseille in 1942?

His last appearance was on 30 September 1942 showing Marseille visiting Erwin Rommel. The press, from magazines to journals, featured Marseille prolifically during 1942. Der Adler used his image for a front cover on 7 and 14 July 1942. Marseille’s death did not prohibit his inclusion in the Die Wehrmacht on 21 and 28 October 1942.

Who is Hans-Joachim Marseille?

Hans-Joachim Marseille. Hans-Joachim Walter Rudolf Siegfried Marseille (13 December 1919 – 30 September 1942) was a German fighter pilot who fought during World War II.

What did Marseille do when he returned to Germany?

Marseille then returned to Germany for two months leave and the following day was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. On 6 August, he began his journey back to North Africa accompanied by his fiancée Hanne-Lies Küpper.