Who won the 1992 Euro final?

Denmark national football team
UEFA Euro 1992/Champion

How many goals scored in the last Euros?

108 goals
Goalscorers. There were 108 goals scored in 51 matches, for an average of 2.12 goals per match.

Who did Denmark beat in 1992?

The shock was compounded when Denmark went on to defeat the reigning world champions Germany 2–0 to win the European title.

Has Ireland ever won the Euro Cup?

The Republic of Ireland have participated in three European Championship finals, those held in 1988, 2012 and 2016. The side have played ten matches: winning two, drawing two and losing six….Tournament.

Team v t e England
Pld 3
W 0
D 0
L 3

Who won the most Euro Cup?

Italy national football team
UEFA European Championship/Latest Champion

Why did Denmark replace in Euro 1992?

Originally, Yugoslavia qualified for the final stage and were about to participate as FR Yugoslavia, but due to the Yugoslav wars, the team was disqualified and their qualifying group’s runner-up, leading Denmark to take part instead.

What happened in the Euro 1992 final?

UEFA Euro 1992 Final. The UEFA Euro 1992 Final was played between Denmark and Germany on 26 June 1992 at Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden, to determine the winner of UEFA Euro 1992. This was Germany’s first European Championship tournament since the nation’s reunification.

Who hosted the 1992 UEFA European Football Championship?

The 1992 UEFA European Football Championship was hosted by Sweden between 10 and 26 June 1992. It was the ninth UEFA European Championship, which is held every four years and supported by UEFA .

What group did Denmark play in Euro 1992?

Denmark were assigned to UEFA Euro 1992 Group 1 where their opponents were France, Sweden and England. The first group match saw Denmark face England at the Stadion in Malmö on 11 June 1992 in front of 26,385 spectators.

When did the 1992 World Cup draw take place?

The draw for the final tournament took place on 17 January 1992 in Gothenburg. Only two teams were seeded: Sweden (as hosts) and the Netherlands (as holders). The remaining six teams were all unseeded and could be drawn in any group.