Can you kayak at Berlin Lake?

Every type of boat is welcome at Berlin Lake from canoes and kayaks to larger speed boats. The surface of the lake is calm so the water skiing conditions are perfect.

Can you kayak in Berlin?

A total of 3,000 lakes and 30,000 kilometres of waterways and streams offer boat captains an unforgettable natural spectacle. Experience a unique water paradise just a few kilometres outside of Berlin’s city limit. There are more than 200 canoe rental stations.

Is it safe to kayak on a lake?

Kayaking on a lake is relatively safe, but there are still a few risks involved. The level of danger that you’ll face on a lake depends upon multiple factors such as the weather and water conditions.

Is Berlin Lake open?

Mill Creek Day-Use Park is located on Berlin Lake in northeastern Ohio, where visitors enjoy boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking and camping. The Day Use Area is open year round on a first come first serve basis, except during the recreation season when the picnic shelter can be reserved.

What is the horsepower limit on Berlin Lake?

The lake is 5 miles long and averages approximately 1/8 mile in width. There are 280 surface acres for water activities. 10 mph horsepower limit.

What’s the water temperature at Berlin Lake?

Berlin Lake’s current water temperature is under 40°°F.

How deep is lake Berlin?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed Berlin Lake in 1942 on the Mahoning River. The Congressionally authorized purposes were flood control, low flow augmentation, water quality control, and water supply. Berlin Lake has a mean depth of 23 feet with a maximum depth of 55 feet.

Can you swim in Berlin Lake Ohio?

The lake is a popular location for swimming but there is no designated beach and no lifeguard on duty. With an average depth of about 16 feet Berlin Lake is renowned for its excellent walleye fishing. It is one of few lakes in the area in which the walleye population is sustained via natural reproduction.

What is the deepest part of Berlin Lake?

Great Lakes and Rivers: Berlin Lake

  • County: Stark, Portage and Mahoning.
  • Acres: 3,341.
  • Average depth: 23 feet.
  • Deepest point: 55 feet.

What kind of fish is in Berlin Lake?

Berlin Lake contains diverse sport fish populations which include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, walleye, white crappie, black crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, brown bullhead, and muskellunge.