Did Evonik buy Degussa?

In 2006, RAG acquired Degussa AG, which was later renamed Evonik-Degussa GmbH. The Foundation was established on 10 July 2007, and Evonik Industries was created on 12 September 2007.

When did Degussa become Evonik?

Evonik Degussa Corporation has changed its name to Evonik Corporation, effective January 1, 2013. In addition, Evonik Stockhausen LLC has merged into Evonik Corporation.

Who started Evonik?

chemist Theodor Goldschmidt
Evonik’s roots: The chemist Theodor Goldschmidt founded the company “Chemische Fabrik Th. Goldschmidt” in Berlin 170 years ago in 1847. In 1889/1890, the company then relocated to Essen, where it laid the foundations for today’s Goldschmidtstrasse site.

Who owns RAG Stiftung?

The Evonik Group
The Evonik Group, a leading global specialty chemicals company, has more than 33,000 employees and operates in over 100 countries. The RAG‑Stiftung holds around 57 percent of the shares in Evonik.

What does Evonik produce?

energy-efficient system solutions for the automotive, paints, coatings, adhesives, construction industries, and other sectors. The Performance Materials segment manufacture polymer materials and intermediates, mainly for the rubber, plastics, and agriculture industries.

Who is the CEO of Evonik?

Christian Kullmann (May 24, 2017–)
Evonik Industries/CEO

What does rag stand for?


Acronym Definition
RAG Receive and Give
RAG Remember and Give
RAG Row Address Generator
RAG River Assault Group

Where is Evonik from?

Evonik is based in Germany, and we do business around the whole world. We’re active in more than 100 countries globally and operate production plants in 27 countries on six continents. We are one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies.

Who are Evonik competitors?

Evonik Industries’s top competitors include Wacker Chemie, Arkema, BASF, Grace, Eastman, PPG Industries and Momentive. Evonik Industries is a company that produces specialty chemicals.