Does Alex cheat on Binky?

The bombshell took place at ex-cast member Stevie Johnson’s surprise birthday party, with Binky having only just forgiven Alex for cheating on her four other times.

How long were Alex Mytton and Binky together?

two years
Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead Binky and Alex were love’s young dream (kinda) for two years until his constant cheating became unforgivable.

When did Alix leave Made In Chelsea?

The strain of Alex’s filming commitments clearly put their fledgling relationship under strain with the couple calling it quits in July 2017. While on the show he has dated some of the other cast members, including Nicola Hughes, Binky Felstead and Jess Woodley, who he was pictured with while on holiday with Lottie.

Who is Alex from Made in Chelsea dating?

Madly in love Made in Chelsea couple Nicola Hughes & Alex Mytton made a visit to the Naas Court Hotel Nightclub where they first met 9 months ago. Dublin model Nicola (25) made her debut on the new series of the hit E4 show and was introduced as Alex’s girlfriend.

Who did Binky date in mic?

Alex Mytton, 27, made a name for himself as the love rat boyfriend of Binky Felstead when he first joined the show in 2013.

What happened to JP and Binky?

Binky and JP split up last year, after deciding it would be better for India if they lived apart, while continuing to co-parent. “It was literally a mutual decision. Things hadn’t been right for a while, but we’d kind of painted over it,” Binky, 29, has since said.

Are Binky and Alex still friends?

Alex and Binky had tried to make their relationship work throughout the shocking transgressions but the pair called it quits in 2014 after Binky admitted it made her feel “a bit like a psycho”.

Are Miles and Ruby together 2021?

Miles gushed on an Instagram story that Ruby was ‘glowing as usual’ as he documented their evening together, sharing a snap of the two with their arms around each other. The show’s official Instagram has posted a clip of their Will-They-Won’t-They connection so far, teasing fans even more.