Does Romania make good AKs?

Romanian AKs are some of the most popular variants available in the US market due to their availability and price. While some elitists may not be impressed by these rifles, it is very common for some of the best US manufactured AKs to be produced using Romanian parts kits.

What makes AKS reliable?

Like the other answers, simplicity and the weapons parts don’t fit too closely together, loose tolerances, so dirt, fouling, mud, sand etc still allow operation of the weapon. Its that simple, these aspects make it reliable for its job.

Are Wasrs chrome-lined?

The GP WASR-10/63 was built using the same newly-manufactured single-stack receiver and chrome-lined barrel as the GP WASR-10, and the two models are cosmetically similar. As with other WASR models imported into the United States, Century Arms modified these rifles to accept normal 30-round magazines.

What does WASR stand for AK-47?

Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles
Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles (commonly referred to as WASR-series rifles) are a line of rifles sold in the United States by Century International Arms.

What is the SAR 1 like?

The SAR 1 is a 7.62×39 AKM., Md90 era. It did not use the 22mm AK74 style FSB. It has a standard AKM profile and FSB etc. Just like a WASR but with dimples., and because they were during the ban no threads on the muzzle.

What is a SAR-1 AK-47?

This is a Romanian SAR-1 AK-47-style rifle. It is an early Century import ban-era rifle with a stamped receiver, milled sight rail, and a chrome-lined bore. It has a non-threaded muzzle and no bayonet lug. All items are also available for sale in our brick & mortar store and are subject to prior sale.

Does the SAR-1 have a bayonet lug?

In addition to the unthreaded muzzle, the gun lacks a bayonet lug. Furthermore, others are correct in that the SAR-1 is outfitted with a Century FCG that can cause trigger slap (I simply swapped it out for a a Tapco G2). The SAR 1 is a 7.62×39 AKM., Md90 era.

Does the SAR-1 have a double stack magazine well?

Dialed in since 2001. As others have noted, the SAR-1 has a factory double stack magazine well.