How can I learn SAP BPC?

Welcome to the free SAP BPC Training Course created by volunteers from ERP Certifications. In this course, you will learn SAP BPC from an absolute beginner to advanced level. SAP BPC is the names for SAP application that is used by companies for planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting.

How do I become a SAP BPC Consultant?

Minimum 10 + Years of SAP functional experience specializing in design and configuration of SAP BPC modules. Hands-on experience in SAP BPC implementation, technical/functional upgrades and migration.

Is SAP BPC the future?

This changed, however, for SAP BPC 2021 for SAP BW/4HANA 2021….*Source: Images above created and owned by SAP HDA Planning & Analytics, Product Management.

Underlying SAP BW release Corresponding SAP BPC release Maintenance until
SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 SAP BPC 11.1 31.12.2024 PAM*
SAP BW/4HANA 2021 SAP BPC 2021 31.12.2027 PAM*

What is BPC module in SAP?

SAP BPC is a SAP module that provides planning, budget, forecast, and financial consolidation capabilities. It provides a single view of financial and operational data and a unified solution that supports Performance Management processes like adjust plans and forecasts or speed up the budget and closing cycles.

Is SAP BPC on premise?

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is embedded within SAP S/4HANA on-premise, enabling real time plan to actual analysis and consolidations.

What does a SAP BPC Consultant do?

Work with Business to analyse requirements, design and deliver BW / BPC based solutions. Coordinate the development of code elements and review. Review and finalize the project scope and deliverables with Application Development and Functional Support manager. Obtain acceptance for all deliverables from the business.

What will replace SAP BPC?

Last year, SAP has released version 11.1 which runs on BW/4HANA 2.0….Financial planning : SAP Analytics Cloud to replace SAP Business Planning & Consolidation?

Exporting data to SAP BW is to be developed manually. SAC can write (write back) directly into SAP BPC embedded models.

Is SAP BPC an ERP system?

BPC has built-in financial intelligence including robust legal and management consolidation capabilities. SAP BPC customers can enjoy a variety of integration options, including real-time consolidations with SAP’s flagship ERP solution, S/4HANA. BPC also fully supports non-SAP ERP systems.

What is the prerequisite for learning SAP BPC?

There are no any hard-core prerequisites. However, having finance domain basic knowledge is more likely suitable. Also anyone who can grasp the procurement process well are also felicitous for SAP BPC Training Course. Why SAP BPC?

How to become SAP trainer?

Spent 6 weeks at company headquarters learning the ends and outs of SAP.

  • Upon completion of the program,returned to the home office to teach courses in different technical aspects of the SAP interface system.
  • After courses were complete,was deemed a SAP Super User and promoted into the Sales and Marketing Specialist Role.
  • What is the meaning of SAP BPC?

    SAP BPC Tutorial: What is Business Planning and Consolidation? SAP BPC Overview. For any organization to run a business successfully financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting are important attributes. SAP BPC Architecture. SAP BPC Architecture. BPC Administration. BPC Administration allows administrators to perform maintenance and setup tasks for BPC client applications. BPC Security.

    What is SAP certification and why is it important?

    The international SAP certification examination is an important benchmark of consultant expertise, making SAP Education a must for all functional managers and IT professionals. As this is so important for any business, companies tend to offer jobs to certified professionals over only trained candidates.