How do I find my Nexus port channel?

Use the command, show port-channel summary, to verify the number of port-channels already configured. You can have a maximum of 256 port channels on the Cisco Nexus 1000V. Use this procedure to force the physical interface to take on the characteristics of the port channel.

What is port channel interface?

A port channel is an aggregation of multiple physical interfaces that creates a logical interface. You can bundle up to 32 individual active links into a port channel to provide increased bandwidth and redundancy. Port channeling also load balances traffic across these physical interfaces.

How do I view EtherChannel?

To display the EtherChannel details for all aggregated ports and port channels, use the command show interfaces etherchannel in Privileged EXEC Mode.

How do I change the port channel on my Nexus switch?

Configure interfaces Port-channel 100 is set as an LACP port-channel with the channel-group 100 mode active command. Use the switchport mode trunk command to enable the port-channel to carry traffic for multiple VLANs. Allow VLAN 1811 (the External Management VLAN).

What is virtual port channel in Nexus?

vPC (Virtual Port Channel) is the Cisco Proprietary feature that is only working on Cisco Nexus Components. vPC use to make Nexus devices logically single devices for the end host or devices. vPC is also known as Multi-chassis EtherChannel (MEC).

Can a port channel be an access port?

A port-channel or channel group, is an aggregation of multiple physical interfaces that creates a logical interface. Based on the configuration mode of port-channel, it can allow configuring the respective properties like a Layer 2 port-channel can be configured as an access port or as a trunk port.

What are the supported modes with PAgP?

There are two modes of PAgP:

  • Auto mode: it passively negotiates PAgP aggregation. If the remote end of the link is also configured with Auto mode, a PAgP EtherChannel will not form.
  • Desirable mode:that actively negotiates PAgP. The remote end must be configured in Auto or Desirable mode for a PAgP EtherChannel to form.

Which ports are not supported on the Cisco Nexus 9500?

Not supported on Layer 3 port channels. Not supported on Cisco Nexus 9500 Switches and FEX HIF and FEX fabric ports. A port channel aggregates similar ports to provide increased bandwidth in a single manageable interface.

What is a port channel in Cisco NX-OS?

See the “LACP Marker Responders” section for information about port-channel modes. The Cisco NX-OS software load balances traffic across all operational interfaces in a port channel by hashing the addresses in the frame to a numerical value that selects one of the links in the channel. Port channels provide load balancing by default.

Which operational attributes are checked in NX-OS port-channel aggregation?

The Cisco NX-OS software also checks a number of operational attributes for an interface before allowing that interface to participate in the port-channel aggregation. The compatibility check includes the following operational attributes: Network layer (Link) speed capability Speed configuration Duplex capability Duplex configuration

How many active members in a port channel?

Even if the default value is 16, the number of active members in a port channel is the minimum of the pc_max_links_config and pc_max_active_members that is allowed in the port channel. show running-config interface port-channel number