How do you dash in Resident Evil 6 ps3?

If you press Y/Triangle while aiming, you can toggle between different options depending on the gun….Xbox 360 Controls.

Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Function / Action
LEFT STICK + LEFT STICK + Dash / sprint
Select weapons / items

Will Resident Evil 6 be remastered?

Remastered versions of the last three series entries are on their way to current-gen systems, while a remake of the second game is also in development. Resident Evil 6 is the first of these titles to land, and the PS4 and Xbox One releases bring upgrades to both resolution and frame-rate over the last-gen versions.

Is re7 better than RE6?

Graphic-wise, Resident Evil 7 is a lot more superior to Resident Evil 6. Accompanied by the brand new RE Engine, shadows and textures feel super, silky smooth. On top of that, the game’s first-person perspective puts players in the protagonist’s shoes, making it more horrifying than ever.

How do you dodge IN RE 6?

To dodge the player must press O(on a PlayStation) or A(for Xbox). Unlike Resident Evil 6 the direction the player points towards doesn’t change how the player dodges. Dodging doesn’t guarantee the player will take no damage and if not executed properly you can be grabbed or take damage.

Is re7 a sequel to re6?

Despite looking like a game from a completely different franchise than the one it belongs to, Resident Evil 7 will in fact follow on from the events of Resident Evil 6 rather than be a total reboot, Capcom has confirmed in a post on Sony’s PlayStation blog.

Does PS3 have re7?

Resident Evil 7 is only available on the PS4 (with PSVR support), Xbox One, and PC. It is not releasing for any of the previous generation consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360, and even skipped over the Wii U.