How much does an M14 service rifle cost?

Price: $3,049.95. * MUST Ship to FFL. Quantity: * Whole number only. #N#Fulton Armory M14 Service Rifle *. Part #: FA-M14-SRV.

What is the Springfield Armory® M1A™?

The Standard Issue M1A™ is inspired by the iconic M14 American military rifle. Available to the public since 1974, the Springfield Armory® M1A™ is a semi-automatic, civilian-legal version of this classic rifle that delivers power, value and performance.

What is an X-14 HXP magazine?

The configuration is shorter, stronger, easier to load and able to withstand more abuse than comparable magazines making it ideal for use with a bipod, competition shooting, and defense. The X-14 HXP fits most M1A / M14 rifles. It features an easy-to-use operating wheel to load and unload.

What is an M1A™ semi-auto rifle?

Descended from the M14 rifle, the M1A™ is a civilian-legal semi-auto version of that revered U.S. Military rifle that dominates the competition fields — and the heart of America. From 1959 to 1970, the M14 served with distinction as the standard issue rifle of the United States military after the revered M1 Garand.

What is the return policy for a Winchester M14 rifle?

Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. This Winchester M14 is a very early example manufactured by James River Armory when they were in Baltimore Md. They manufactured the rifle using a forged receiver with the addition of an actual heel from a Winchester M14 rifle. The Faux selector switch completes the illusion.

What is the Springfield Armory M1A loaded (ma9226)?

This brand new Springfield Armory M1A Loaded (MA9226) is a semi-automatic rifle which fires the .308 round. It has a 22″ national match barrel and matte black finish. This includes… (read more)

What kind of rifle is the Springfield Armory M1A Scout?

This brand new Springfield Armory M1A Scout is a semi-automatic rifle which fires the .308 round. It has an 18″ barrel, optic rail and blued finish.