How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini for a day UK?

Lamborghini Hire Prices

24 Hour (Mon- Thu) Weekend (Fri-Mon)
Lamborghini LP560 Spyder £525 £1,495
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder £945 £2,395
Lamborghini Aventador £2,195 £6,495
Lamborghini Countach P.O.A. P.O.A.

How much does it cost to rent a super car for a day?

It will cost you between $1,000 and $5.000 a day to rent a supercar.

How much is it to hire a Ferrari in the UK?

Ferrari Hire Prices

TARIFF 1-3 Days 8-14 Days
Ferrari 599 Hire £750 £690
Ferrari California T Hire £650 £400
Ferrari 488 GTB Hire £850 £600
Ferrari 458 Spider Hire £1090 £1030

How much is it to rent an Aventador?

WHAT IS THE COST OF RENTING A Lamborghini Aventador S? The typical cost to rent a Lamborghini Aventador S is $2,500 per day with a security deposit of $2500 – $5000. The average allowable mileage is 100 miles/day with a mileage overage of $5 per mile.

How much does it cost for a Bugatti?

The Chiron’s nearly $3 million price tag matches its extreme persona, but even for that kind of money it’s almost a performance bargain. It’s powered by a massive 16-cylinder engine that is a marvel of modern engineering, capable of propelling this hypercar to 300 mph and beyond.

How much is it to rent a Bugatti Chiron?

A Bugatti – the French luxury car — isn’t cheap to own. There are only three models — Veyron, Chiron and Divo — and the prices range from $1.7 million to $3 million.

How much does it cost to rent a Rolls Royce for a day UK?

Rolls Royce is the benchmark for British luxury and sophistication. The marque’s dedication to design and production standards make it the ultimate car manufacturer in terms of worldwide recognition and trust. Rent a Rolls Royce from only £800 per day.

Where is Supercar hire London based?

We are based in Canary Wharf, East London, E14 just off the A13 by the Limehouse Link, meaning hiring a supercar is very easy.

How much does it cost to hire a supercar?

You can hire a supercar for a day or longer. Our single day super car hire is relatively cheap and starts from just £300, which is ideal for a blast around the Essex or Kent countryside, with 4 day weekend starting from as little as £900.

Who are PB Supercar hire?

Supercar Hire Hire A Supercar From The UK’s Cheapest Supercar Hire Specialists PB Supercar Hire is a simple, cost effective, reliable, and most importantly, friendly, London based hire company, established in 2006. We hire the most powerful, beautiful, and engaging supercars available from 1 day to 12 months.

Why Super Car Hire?

Our ethos to super car hire has, and always will be to provide the best all round UK experience based around customer service, knowledge of the industry, reliability, customer satisfaction, and of course hire prices. We have and always will be the most cost effective company in London and the UK.