How old is scarlet from Horseland?

Sarah Whitney and Scarlet Sarah is a pretty 12-year-old girl who likes to make friends, and the central character of the series.

Does Will from Horseland like Sarah?

Will loves Sarah. He desperately wants to tell her how he feels, but doesn’t want everyone else to know, nor knows how to tell how he feels. But when Sarah gets hurt in a freak accident, he will need the strength of his friends and the horses at Horseland. Especially Scarlet and Jimber.

Who voices scarlet in Horseland?

Andrea Ware
Horseland (TV series)/cast

Character name English voice actor
300px Scarlet Andrea Ware
300px Button Laura Marr
300px Calypso Tiffany White-Welchen
300px Chili Stephen Shelton

What breeds are the horses in Horseland?

Two sisters who come from a rich family who are often full of themselves time to time. Their horses are a Dutch warmblood stallion and mare duo named Chili and Pepper.

What is scarlet’s personality in horse land?

Another point to Scarlet’s personality is her cleverness; she is the only horse in Horse Land that can open her stall, which she demonstrates in the episode “Oh, Baby.”. She learns things very quickly, especially if her rider Sarah is helping her out. Scarlet works very hard to achieve her goals,…

Is Sarah Whitney a good character in Horseland?

Sarah Whitney is one of the lead characters in Horseland, with her horse companion Scarlet. Sarah is an overall kind person and loves to make friends. Being the daughter of the two richest people in the state, most people just assume she would be a snobbish brat, much like the two already at Horseland; Chloe Stilton and Zoey Stilton.

What is scarlet’s name in the horse racing show?

Scarlet is one of the main six horses and belongs to Sarah. She is voiced by Andrea Ware.

What kind of horse is scarlet in Horse Whisperer?

Scarlet is one of the main six horses and belongs to Sarah. She is voiced by Andrea Ware. Scarlet is a female, black Shagya Arabian mare. She has a long, midnight black mane with three, scarlet-red highlights and blue eyes.