Is CIM marathon fast?

The course is described as fast with a net downhill but be aware that there are plenty of rolling hills. Race day weather is usually cold mornings followed by 50-60 degrees mid-morning. It is rainy season in early December, so it could be quite wet. In 2019, it rained lightly for the first 6 miles, then got warm.

Will CIM marathon be Cancelled?

We are devastated to announce that we are cancelling the 2020 California International Marathon(CIM).

What time does CIM 2021 start?

More than 9,000 CIM marathoners and close to 1,000 relay runners are taking part in the endurance event, which starts at 7 a.m. According to sports equipment company Asics, the average finishing time for the CIM is 4 hours and 21 minutes.

What race is CIM?

The California International Marathon (CIM), always held the second Sunday after Thanksgiving, is a 26-mile, 385-yard, point-to-point, USATF certified road race.

Is CIM marathon downhill?

Even though the course has remained the same, the race has grown into a true international event. CIM has a gently rolling, point-to-point, net downhill course with well maintained streets and few turns. The CIM start is at a 366 ft.

Is California International Marathon Hilly?

Overall it’s a downhill course but has some rolling hills which can surprise some runners who miss studying the course in detail. If one trains well with some hill training then it can definitely help in PR and a lot of runners BQ on this course.

Can CIM defer?

Note: Our traditional deferral program is NOT available this year; registrants that are not able to participate due to their own personal circumstances will NOT have the option to defer to 2022. We do have a TRANSFER option available to participants in 2021.

Where can I watch CIM marathon?

2021 California International Marathon (CIM), live stream, TV coverage, results, schedule and course map. The race takes place in Sacramento, California on Sunday, December 5 at at 7:00 a.m. PST (GMT -8). Live stream and TV coverage: The event will be broadcast time on KCRA Channel 3.

Who won 2021?

Sara Vaughn
Sara Vaughn, 2021 CIM Winner & Puma-Sponsored Athlete.

How many people run CIM each year?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — This year’s event includes more than 9,000 CIM marathoners.