Is matomo any good?

Overall: Overall, Matomo is my favorite analytics platform. It does everything that myself and my clients need. The platform has been around a long time (formerly Piwik) and has proven to be very reliable. Using the API to create custom reports is also easy and super useful.

What is matomo used for?

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a downloadable, Free (GPL licensed) web analytics software platform. It provides detailed reports on your website and its visitors, including the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, which pages they like, the files they download and so much more.

Who uses matomo?

Download a list of all 1,102,765 Current Matomo Customers

Website Location Social United States 10,000+ Spain 5,000+ United States 50,000+ United States 20,000+

How do I log into matomo?

To login to Matomo Analytics Cloud you need your account details which can be found in ‘welcome’ email. It includes your Matomo login URL e.g. . Go directly to this URL to login. If you have misplaced your ‘welcome’ email with your login details, you can email [email protected].

Is matomo safe?

We’re so proud Matomo is trusted with the analytics data of more than 1 million sites worldwide. Although we have had an excellent security track record so far, we recognise security is an ongoing challenge and requires constant vigilance.

Is matomo easy to use?

The permission system in Matomo is simple and makes it very easy to manage from a small number of websites and users to hundreds of websites and thousands of users.

What is Piwik tracker?

Piwik PRO uses a container to let you manage tags and consents, and run a tracking code (a JavaScript code) on your web pages. The tracking code collects data about people who visit your site or app. Every time a visitor views a page, the tracking code grabs information about that visitor and sends it to Piwik PRO.

What are the pros for using Piwik?

Piwik Integrations

  • It’s good to have an alternative to google analytics.
  • Self-hosted.
  • Easy setup.
  • Not blocked by Brave.
  • Great customs.

Is matomo better than Google Analytics?

Matomo is now used by over 1.4 million websites, in more than 190 countries. Comparison: The survey shows that Google Analytics is used by 55.7% of all the world’s websites whereas Matomo is used by 1.2% of all the websites online.

How does matomo collect data?

From the User-Agent, we use our Universal Device Detection library to detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model. Some information is also stored in first party cookies and then collected by Matomo: Random unique Visitor ID.

How do I install Piwik pro?

To install a container, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration.
  2. Navigate to Sites & apps.
  3. Click Add a site or app.
  4. Type the site or app name and address, and click Save.
  5. Set the time zone and currency.
  6. Navigate to Installation.
  7. In Basic container (async), click Copy to clipboard.

Why is mixpanel better than Google Analytics?

Mixpanel offers advanced analytics functionality. Unlike Google Analytics, which is based on page views, Mixpanel is based on event tracking. It’s used by 30% of Fortune 100 SaaS companies, who use it to boost product engagement and customer retention. Mixpanel gives you clear insights into the health of each account.