Is Rajiv Dixit a scientist?

Rajiv Dixit was Doctorate and Scientist at the CSIR ( Counsil of Science and Industrial Research) who used to say PEPSI-COKE are the PESTISIDES and Toilet cleaner. He was the First indian Who started the movement against this PEPSI and COKE in 1998 as a AAZADI BACHAO ANDOLAN.

Is Dr Rajiv Dixit alive?

Deceased (1967–2010)
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Where is Rajiv Dixit born?

November 30, 1967
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At what age Rajiv Dixit died?

43 years (1967–2010)
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When did Rajiv Dixit born?

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When and where was Rajiv Dixit born?

Who is Rajiv Bhai?

Rajiv Dixit (30 November 1967 – 30 November 2010) was an activist. He was an activist and was the national secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Trust….

Rajiv Dixit
Born 30 November 1967
Died 30 November 2010 (aged 43) Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India

Where did Rajiv Dixit died?

Bhilai, India
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What is the qualification of Rajiv Dixit?

Rajiv Dixit Age, Death Cause, Wife, Family, Biography & More

College/University J.K. Institute, Allahabad IIT Kanpur
Educational Qualification M.Tech
Religion Hinduism
Caste Brahmin

When did Rajiv Gandhi died?

May 21, 1991
Rajiv Gandhi/Date of assassination
The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, occurred as a result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu, India on 21 May 1991. At least 14 others, in addition to Rajiv Gandhi, were killed.

Who has killed Rajiv Dixit?

Death. Dixit died on 30 November 2010 in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, with cardiac arrest being stated to be the cause of death. The cremation was conducted by Ramdev and Rajiv’s brother Pradeep.