What are micro turbines used for?

Microturbines are a relatively new distributed generation technology being used for stationary energy generation applications. They are a type of combustion turbine that produces both heat and electricity on a relatively small scale.

How does a micro gas turbine work?

In micro turbines, the compressor draws the air into a recuperator, which acts as an air-to-air heat exchanger, recovering the heat from exhaust gas. In the combustor chamber, the combusted mixture expands, which in turn causes the turbine and shaft to rotate and thus generate electricity.

What is turbine performance?

Turbine efficiency is the ratio of actual work output of the turbine to the net input energy supplied in the form of fuel. For stand-alone gas turbines, without any heat recovery system the efficiency will be as low as 35 to 40 per cent.

What is micro turbine technology?

Capstone microturbines feature low maintenance air bearing technology, the lowest emissions of any non-catalyzed gas combustion engine, and digital power conversion to stand as the optimal power generation solution.

What are the performance parameters of turbine?

A test facility to measure performance of a micro gas turbine was set up and performance parameters such as turbine exit temperature, exhaust gas temperature, engine inlet temperature, compressor discharge pressure and temperature, and fuel and air flow rates were measured.

What is micro gas turbine engine?

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What is the efficiency of a micro turbine?

Micro turbines are generally regulated by varying the fuel supply. The electrical efficiency of micro turbines is typically 15–30%; the higher range efficiencies are obtained with pre-heated combustion air (Chambers and Potter, 2002; Deublein and Steinhause, 2008).

What are the disadvantages of micro gas turbine?

Micro gas turbines hardly lower turbine inlet temperature. turbine. The manufacturing accuracy attained for larger gas perform as expected. They have high relative surface rough- losses. In addition, excessive frictional losses in the engine bearings have an adverse ef fect on the engine cycle efficiency.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of microturbine technology?

Selected strengths and weaknesses of microturbine technology are listed in the following table from the California Distributed Energy Resources Guide on Microturbines. Improves sightlines and views with off-the-grid systems, which eliminate the need for overhead power lines