What are pre 1947 coins worth?

Pre-1947 coins:

  • Crown (x1) – £7.24.
  • Half crown (x1) – £3.63.
  • Florin (x1) – £2.91.
  • Double florin (x1) – £5.80.
  • Shilling (x1) – £1.44.
  • Sixpence (x1) – 72p.
  • Threepence (x1) – 37p.

Do 1947 coins contain silver?

The rocketing price of silver (it has doubled over the past year) means that coins minted before 1947 – which had real silver in them – are now worth 40 times their face value. Unfortunately, “silver” coins minted after 1947 contain no silver and are worth no more than their face value.

Which British coins contain silver?

A large variety of silver coin denominations have been produced over Britain’s long history and include crowns, shillings, florins, pennies, twopence, fourpence and sixpence.

What is the scrap value of silver coins?

Scrap Silver

Purity Price Per Ounce
.835 Silver $15.95
.900 Silver $18.16
Private Mint Silver $19.32
.925 Jewelry $18.43

How much silver is in pre-1947 coins?

All British pre-1947 silver coins contain a minimum of 50% silver.

What year did British coins stop being silver?

Silver was eliminated altogether in 1947, except for Maundy coinage, which returned to the pre-1920 92.5% silver composition. The 1816 weight/value ratio and size system survived the debasement of silver in 1920, and the adoption of token coins of cupronickel in 1947.

What old British coins are worth money?

Most valuable and rare UK coins wanted by collectors

  • 1973 EEC 50 Pence Coin – valued at £3,000.
  • 2012 London Olympics Aquatics Fifty Pence – valued at £1,500.
  • 1983 Two Pence “New Pence” Coin – valued at £500.
  • 2015 Silver Two Pence Coin – valued at £485.
  • 2009 Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Coin – valued at £170.

When did florins stop being silver?

Florin (British coin)

Composition (1849–1919) 92.5% Ag (1920–1946) 50% Ag (1947–1970) Cupronickel
Years of minting 1849–1970
Design Profile of the monarch (Elizabeth II design shown)
Designer Mary Gillick

What was the first coin minted in the US?

The very first officially minted US coin was the Half-disme (dime), struck at the newly built Mint in Philidelphia in July 1792. The first officially sanctioned coinage to circulate in the United states was the Spanish Real, or piece of eight. It was recognized until 1857.

What is the value of a 1947 US dime?

The value of a 1947 U.S. dime depends on where it was minted and the condition it is in. It is worth maybe two dollars , unless it is in proof or perfect condition, which would probably be worth up to a hundred!

What are antique coins?

The term “antique” is simply a loose generalization applied to old coins, namely coins that are more than 100 years old. This can be a useful starting point for anyone interested in trading and collecting coins of a different era.

What is the value of a 1947 Canadian penny?

The melt and minimum value of a 1 cent 1947 is $0.04 CAD. Select a date or variety to find the values and prices of all grades available. Select a date or variety to find the values and prices of all grades available.