What are the principles of construction project management?

The Five Construction Principles have been established so that the five elements: environmental protection, safety, speed, economy, and aesthetics, conform with a balanced regular pentagon.

What are the fundamental principles of project management PDF?

Table of contents

  • Well-defined project goals and objectives.
  • Define your deliverables.
  • Create and maintain organizational alignment.
  • Clear team roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategy for initiation and execution.
  • Careful budgeting and scheduling.
  • Identify priorities and milestones.
  • Establish accountability and responsibility.

What are the 6 principles of construction?

6 Principles of Lean Construction

  • Identify Value from the Customer’s Point of View.
  • Define the Value Stream.
  • Eliminate Waste.
  • Flow of Work Processes.
  • Pull Planning and Scheduling.
  • Continuous Improvement.

What are the four main principles of building?

Legibility, flexibility, durability, affordability. If a building is successful in these terms, it can be considered ‘sustainable’ in a wider sense (or maybe just good architecture).

What are the duties of a construction project manager?

Essential Information. Construction project managers supervise construction projects from beginning to end, ensuring that projects are completed within time and budgetary constraints.

What is the job of a construction project manager?

Construction project managers oversee the building of homes, offices, stores and public works projects such as bridges and dams. Typically, a construction manager is involved from the early stages of development until the project is completed.

What is the difference between project and construction management?

In Project Management, the Consultant and the Contractor have no formal contract between them. In Construction Management, the Contractor has a direct contract with the Consultant and does not have any direct agreement with the Owner. A second major difference arises in contractor selection.

What is the construction management process?

Construction management demands an understanding of the construction and design process as well as knowledge of modern business management. The construction project has a finite time frame and an outcome-oriented planning process for project completion with very specific objectives.