What awards can be given to employees?


  • The Employee of the Month. The employee of the month award recognizes those workers who outperformed others in the workplace during a given month.
  • Stand out Performer.
  • Go That Extra Mile.
  • Most Improved Performer.
  • Best Customer Centricity.
  • The Eccentric Performer.
  • The Star Employee.
  • Achiever of the Month.

What are formal awards?

Formal award means a certificate or degree granted in recognition of successful completion of the requirements of a program, conferred by the faculty and ratified by an institution’s governing board.

How do you make an award ceremony fun?

The top 15 ideas for an inspiring awards ceremony

  1. Hire a funny host.
  2. Increase the number of awards.
  3. Add a people’s choice award.
  4. Offer a wide range of creative awards categories.
  5. Make space and time for networking.
  6. Engage the crowd.
  7. Add a festival component.
  8. Try a new technology.

What do you say at awards?

Immediately say “thank you,” and add an appropriate phrase such as “for this special honor,” or “for this incredible award.” Mention the name of the person who nominated you, if you know, and always the name of the organization to the thank you. Acknowledgements.

What are good award names?

Leadership Award Title Ideas & Recognition Award Names

  • President’s Award.
  • Beyond Call of Duty.
  • Best Team Leader.
  • Pinnacle Award.
  • Leaderboard Award.
  • Ace of Initiative.
  • Hall of Fame.
  • Diamond Club.

What are rewards and recognition?

Reward and recognition Companies use rewards and recognition to motivate employees and demonstrate that they are appreciated. Often, rewards and recognition take the form of extra compensation for employees who carry out the activities in their role description and meet their objectives.

What is peer to peer recognition in a call center?

Peer to peer recognition programs allow employees to nominate co-workers and extend the formal recognition process to all call center employees. For online recognition programs, it is very simple to program an automated peer recognition component into the existing website.

How to improve the productivity of your call center agents?

It’s not an easy task and sometimes it may interfere with the moods of your center agents. However, recognition is one of the ways you can reduce the stress from the customer service work. The way you plan and execute the recognition will determine the productivity of your call center agents.

What is the work of a call center?

The work of a call center is to deal with each an individual having different inquiries and give a solution that satisfies the customers. It’s not an easy task and sometimes it may interfere with the moods of your center agents.