What came first werewolves or vampires?

They were created by a spell cast by their very powerful witch mother, Ester (at the request of their father, Mikael). Their village was crawling with werewolves (who had killed their youngest sibling- Henrik). Mikael wanted his family to be stronger than these werewolves and hence the first vampires were created.

Can a vampire turn a werewolf?

Humans and Vampires can become Vampire-Werewolf hybrids, however a human can be turned into a Werewolf and then a Hybrid.

Do they practice voodoo in New Orleans?

One of the things for which New Orleans is known best is the religion of voodoo. Voodoo has been popularized and commercialized in the past century, but still, voodoo’s roots in New Orleans are deep, and voodoo priests and priestesses still practice the religion as it came to the city from Africa and the islands.

What is stronger a vampire or werewolf?

Werewolves are mortal and age just like humans while vampires don’t age and are immortal (except for some things that can kill them like sunlight and garlic)….Comparison chart.

Vampire Werewolf
Strengths Immortality, enhanced sences, agility, superhuman strength. Near invulnerability, speed, strength

Are werewolves and vampires the same?

Werewolves and vampires are both mythical creatures who kill humans but there are important differences between the two. Werewolves are mortal and age just like humans while vampires don’t age and are immortal (except for some things that can kill them like sunlight and garlic).

Are werewolves and vampires friends?

Friendships between these two creatures is not unheard of, it simply requires a shared interest – or better yet, a common enemy. Werewolves and Vampires are not natural enemies, though they are natural competitors.

What is the difference between a vampire and a werewolf?

The most important difference between the two is that werewolves are mortal, and age just as normal humans do, whereas vampires are immortal, and can only be killed by very specific means. Werewolves have more ties to humans, whereas vampires merely look human.

How dangerous are vampires and werewolves?

It is generally considered that vampires and werewolves are most dangerous when they first shift, as they cannot control themselves or their desire for blood. Vampires are immortal, and in some tales, they can fly or turn into bats. Many tales claim that vampires can enamor their victims.

What is the Sanguinista movement in True Blood?

The Sanguinista Movement is a faction of vampires on the HBO original series True Blood. A faction that believes in a literal interpretation of the Vampire Bible, these vampire fundamentalists are opposed to mainstreaming, and desire to topple the Authority for its centuries of oppression towards them.

What are the best vampire and werewolf movies?

Vampire and Werewolf Movies. 1 1. Underworld (2003) R | 121 min | Action, Fantasy, Thriller. 7. Rate. 42 Metascore. Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between 2 2. Underworld: Evolution (2006) 3 3. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) 4 4. Underworld: Awakening (2012) 5 5. Van Helsing (2004)