What do I need for my G road test Ontario?

Bring the following items to the test:

  1. Vehicle in good working order.
  2. Money for test fees (if applicable)
  3. Glasses or contact lenses (if you need to wear them to drive)
  4. Arrive at least 30 minutes before Road Test appointment.

What are you tested on for your G?

The G driving exam includes everything from the G2 exam, but also tests you on more advanced driving skills- mainly, driving on highways. They last around 30 minutes and new drivers will need to have their G2 for at least 8-12 months before they can take the G road test.

How many highway hours are needed for Ontario G?

You must have driven at least 5 times on a highway with a speed limit of least 80 km/hr and /or a 400 series highway. You are also required to indicate the average length of these trips (i.e., under 5 km, between 5 and 15 km, over 15 km).

How do you pass the G road test in Ontario?

Here are the areas you should focus on before taking your G licence test:

  1. Proper turn signals.
  2. Aware of the speed limit.
  3. Left and right turns.
  4. Stopping at and passing through intersections.
  5. Proper lane use and observation skills.
  6. Mirror use and blind-spot checking.
  7. Lane changes.
  8. Roadside stops.

How many times can I take G test?

There is no limit to how many times you can take the test. If you fail, you will have to wait 10 days to retest.

How much does insurance go down after you get your G?

How much can I save on auto insurance with a Graduated (G) Licence? Obtaining your graduated (G2 or G) licence can affect your insurance premium, and you may be eligible to save up to 10%. This discount can be applied to multiple drivers that fall under the same insurance policy.

What are the requirements to get a driver’s license in Ontario?

To apply for a driver’s licence in Ontario, you need to: be at least 16 years old pass an eye test pass a written test about the rules of the road and traffic signs

What are the G road test requirements?

What Are The G Road Test Requirements? 1 You can take the G road test after you’ve had a G2 licence for 12 months. 2 Complete and sign a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” form. 3 Bring your G2 driver’s licence.

What is a G licence in Ontario?

The G licence is the full driver’s licence in Ontario. Once you have your G licence, there are no additional road tests. The G test is more thorough and covers all aspects of driving, so you’ll be confident when you hit the road. G licence assessment is a thorough exam to assess your driving techniques on the road.

When can I take my first road test in Ontario?

you can take your first road test after 12 months with a G1 licence; this exam tests basic driving skills (e.g., turning left and right, stopping, parking) once you pass, you get your G2 licence; If you finish an government-approved driver education course, you can take your first road test after just eight months. Ontario driving schools