What is a macana?

The term macana, of Taíno origin, refers to various wooden weapons used by the various native cultures of Central and South America . The earliest meaning attributed to macana is a sword-like weapon made out of wood, but still sharp enough to be dangerous.

Why Ca’Ca’Macana masks?

Ca’Macana has been making the best quality Venetian masks since 1984. Our collection ranges from traditional Venetian masks to fantastical unique creations. By following the authentic technique, we produce refine and durable papier-mâché masks.

Why choose Ca’Ca’ Macana workshop?

Ca’ Macana workshop has produced the world’s best Venetian masks since 1986. Our workshop not only offers Venetian masks for sale, but has revitalized the old tradition of Venetian carnival masks by offering a steady stream of new designs while remaining true to the original, authentic techniques for producing Venetian masks.

Why choose ca’macana for your Venice carnival mask?

Ca’Macana is keen to ensure that the ancient Venetian tradition of mask-making endures and will continue to grow well into the future. This is why Ca’Macana is one of the most well-renowned and respected producers of Venice carnival masks in the world.