What is a sequel facility?

Sequel Youth and Family Services is a private for-profit operator of behavioral healthcare facilities for children and youth in the United States.

Who owns Sequel Youth and Family Services?

Altamont Capital Partners
5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Altamont Capital Partners (Altamont) today announced a majority equity investment into Sequel Youth & Family Services (Sequel), a leading, national provider of diversified behavioral health programs across the U.S. Founded in 1999, Sequel currently operates 44 distinct programs, ranging from …

Is there a sequel to PA?

Capital Academy is a residential treatment facility located in Camden, New Jersey, just a few minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who is the CEO of Sequel?

John Stupak. Chief Executive Officer, Sequel Youth and Family Srvcs.

What is sequel abuse?

This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, neglect, illegal restraints, seclusion, forced medication, psychological harm and negligence that has resulted in death.

Who owns sequel facilities?

The treatment centers were run by Sequel Youth & Family Services, a “for-profit, $500-million company backed by Bay Area investors.”

How much do group homes make per child in Alabama?

Our agency, however, receives $11.80 per day per child from the state of Alabama for our basic group homes. Meanwhile, the rate of payment for these same children to a foster family in our state is approximately $16.71 per day per child.

What states have sequels?

Public records show that since 2015, at least 1,244 California children have been sent to Sequel-run facilities in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Utah and Wyoming. That amounts to roughly half of all youth sent to out-of-state treatment facilities by local child welfare and probation agencies.

Who regulates group homes in Alabama?

The Office of Licensing
The Office of Licensing is responsible for licensing residential child care facilities (i.e., child care facilities, group homes, and shelters) and child placing agencies.

How much do group homes make per child in Florida?

Daily rates in Hillsborough range between about $100 and $190 per day per child with federal subsidies paying for up to half of that. By contrast, traditional foster parents receive a stipend of about $450 per month per child.

How do I become an assisted living administrator in Alabama?

at least three (3) months of experience working fulltime in an administrative AND resident or patient care position in a licensed assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital, or residential care setting for the elderly or disabled, or a minimum of two hundred forty (240) hours of a Board approved internship within …

How do I turn my house into a group home?

In order to open a group home, you will have to obtain a license for your specific type of home and then obtain residents through a placement agency. The requirements for the level of services you must provide, as well as the rate of pay, vary depending on the population you decide to serve.

What happened to Sequel Youth&Family Services?

Sequel Youth & Family Services, a company that once sought to dominate the youth behavioral health industry, is facing growing financial turmoil amid new allegations of mistreating children. The company announced this month that it was shuttering a highly profitable facility in Illinois, the latest in a string of closures.

What happened to sequel?

In 2017, the year Sequel was acquired by the private equity firm Altamont Capital Partners, the youth treatment company was earning more than $200 million in annual revenue, with ambitious plans to expand in an industry it deemed “ripe for consolidation,” according to company documents.

What happened to sequel Academy in Illinois?

On May 14, four state agencies in Illinois announced they were removing all 51 children in their custody from Sequel’s Northern Illinois Academy. The removals followed a state investigation that found chronic understaffing, improper use of seclusion, excessive physical restraints and other problems.

What did sequel say about the equip for Equality Report?

In a statement, Sequel said it was “deeply troubled by what appear to be extensive factual inaccuracies and mischaracterizations about our program” in the Equip for Equality report. The company said it would prepare a thorough response once it had finished reviewing the report.