What is a synonym for abbreviate?

Some common synonyms of abbreviate are abridge, curtail, retrench, and shorten.

What is the best antonym for abbreviate?

antonyms for abbreviate

  • expand.
  • extend.
  • increase.
  • enlarge.
  • lengthen.
  • strengthen.
  • amplify.

What is the word for using abbreviations?

An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a word. An initialism is an abbreviation that uses the first letter of each word in the phrase (thus, some but not all initialisms are acronyms).

What do you mean by abbreviate?

Definition of abbreviate : to make briefer an abbreviated session an abbreviated version of the story especially : to reduce (a word or name) to a shorter form intended to stand for the whole You can abbreviate the word building as bldg. “United States of America” is commonly abbreviated to “USA.”

How do you abbreviate for example?

The abbreviation “i.e.” stands for id est, which is Latin for “that is.” The abbreviation “e.g.” stands for the Latin phrase exempli gratia, meaning “for example.”

How do you abbreviate example?

How DO you abbreviate for example?

Does LOL stand for?

laughing out loud
The online slang term, short for “laughing out loud”, is now so widely used that in March it was recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary. Not all of us, however, are lol-ing from the same hymn sheet.

What is the abbreviation of synonym?

Synonyms for Abbreviated: adj. •all (adjective) brief. •contracted (adjective) contracted, compressed, Squeezed, condensed, deflated, Compacted, abridged, shrunken. n. • floor-length, foreshortened. v. •contracted (verb) withered. •curtailed (verb) fragmented, minimized, discontinued, reduced.

How do you abbreviate something?

abbreviate (something) to 1. To shorten a word or phrase into an abbreviation or acronym. Many government agencies have long names that are often abbreviated to acronyms. 2. To condense or shorten something. During our busy season, our lunch hour is often abbreviated to 30 minutes so we can keep up with the demand.

What is the antonym for abbreviation?

The antonym of abbreviation is-. expansion, growth, extension, amplification, augmentatin, topping up,

How to abbreviate a word?

Omit vowels and keep only enough consonants to recognize the work.

  • Use only the first syllable.
  • Eliminate final letters in the word.
  • Ad ‘s’ to abbreviations when plurals are needed.
  • Add ‘g’ for ‘ing’ endings.
  • Use ‘n’ for ‘tion’ ending
  • Leave out the words ‘a’ and ‘the’.
  • Use entire first syllable and only first letter of second syllable.