What is good in Little Tokyo?

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  • Mochi at Fugetsu-Do. Mochi at Fugetsu-Do [Official Photo]
  • Udon at Marugame Monzo.
  • Porky omurice at Jist Cafe.
  • Breakfast burrito at Cafe Demitasse.
  • Loco moco at Aloha Cafe.
  • Yakatori at Izakaya Honda-Ya.
  • Gyozas at Daikokuya.

Where is Japantown in Los Angeles?

The neighborhood of Sawtelle Japantown (formerly known as Little Osaka) is a true gem of West Los Angeles. The historic area is home to a sizable Japanese American population and is known for the trendy shops and restaurants centered on Sawtelle Boulevard.

Does LA have a Japantown?

Little Tokyo is a Downtown L.A. One of only three official Japantowns in the United States, Little Tokyo is the home of the annual Nisei Week festival, and was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1995.

Is Samurai owned by Benihana?

It owns or franchises 116 Japanese-influenced restaurants around the world, including its flagship Benihana Teppanyaki brand, as well as the Haru (fusion cuisine) and RA Sushi restaurants….Benihana.

Type Private
Owner Angelo Gordon
Number of employees 5,000
Divisions Benihana, Samurai, Haru, RA Sushi
Website www.benihana.com

What is the best restaurants in Japanese?

Japan’s Best Restaurants

  • Suetomi. Kaiseki – Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • Oryori Matsuyama. Kaiseki – Kita Kyushu, Fukuoka.
  • Sushi Gosuian. Sushi – HakataHakata, Fukuoka.
  • NARISAWA. Innovative – Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • Chinese Takase. Chinese – Ginza, Tokyo.
  • Tempura Miyashiro. Tempura – Nakameguro, Tokyo.
  • Sumiyaki Unagi Shun.
  • Tempura Naruse.

What is Japantown in Los Angeles like?

Sawtelle Japantown, formerly referred to as Little Osaka, is a bastion of delicious Asian cuisine on the Westside. Conveniently located near UCLA, it’s a bustling dining hub rife with noodle shops, boba milk tea, desserts, and karaoke lounges. Anyone craving sushi, ramen, tebasaki chicken wings, or curry will find something to like.

What restaurants are in Sawtelle Japantown?

Here now are 12 essential Sawtelle Japantown restaurants. Added: Anzu, Artelice Pâtisserie, Dan Modern Chinese, Kaz The Soba Place, Matcha Village, Menya Tigre, Sonoritas Prime Tacos Removed: B Sweet Dessert Bar, Kato, Killer Noodle, Kiriko, Mala Town, Marugame Udon, Red Rock (closed)

Where to eat ramen in Little Tokyo?

With limitless options, Shin-Sen-Gumi is another must-try ramen shop in Little Tokyo. For a late-night Japanese craving or quick lunch, Suehiro Cafe offers a comforting assortment of traditional favorites. Specials here include classic pork cutlets, Japanese curry plates, tempura, and chicken karage (which is basically deep fried chicken pieces).

What to do in Japantown?

Sawtelle Japantown, formerly referred to as Little Osaka, is a bastion of delicious Asian cuisine on the Westside. This bustling dining hub is positively brimming with noodle shops, Sichuan specialists, and reopened karaoke lounges, so just park the car and walk the corridor to enjoy the sights and tastes.