What is Lotus hearing aid?

Lotus Hearing Aid is a type of behind the ear hearing Aid which is very powerful and affordable that delivers you the best performance with reliability. It is helpful for mild to profound hearing loss. Battery:- Battery consumption is very economical in the lotus family. If the battery of the hearing aid is low then the alert tune will ring.

Why choose Siemens life?

Incredibly small, big on style, Siemens Life is designed to fit you and your life with complete ease. Incredibly small and ergonomic design. Flexible and transparent LifeTubes and LifeTips fit comfortably in the ear. Wireless connectivity for discreet control and connection to audio devices.

Where can I buy Siemens Hearing aids?

Although it was recently acquired by Sivantos, Inc., and it is known as Siemens or Signia Hearing Aid in the market. You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need any assistance or you have a query regarding Siemens Hearing Aid or Hearing Loss, feel free to call us at +91-9899437202.

Which is the best hearing aid for severe loss?

SIEMENS LOTUS 12P TOUCHING HEARING AIDS HIGH POWER DIGITAL BEHIND THE EAR B 10. Brand New Siemens LOTUS High-Power 12P Digital BTE Hearing Aid USA Seller 11. New Siemens Digital Lotus12SP Profound Severe Loss Hearing Aid Small BTE Ear USA 12. SIEMENS High-Power LOTUS 12P BTE Hearing Aid For Severe-Profound Loss perfect! A 13.

What are the features of Siemens Hearing machine?

Advanced Best sound Technology from Siemens Hearing machine. Rocker switch or programmable push-button for optional control. Wireless synchronization between the instrument and your electronic device. Mini Receiver for outstanding sound quality near the natural sound quality. Rechargeable to eliminate the problem with the battery.