What is Rexx/SQL?

This document defines an interface to provide access to SQL databases for Rexx programs. Rexx/SQL consists of a number of external Rexx functions which provide the necessary capabilities to connect to, query and manipulate data in any SQL database.

How much memory does Rexx/SQL use?

It generally uses a chunk of data of 64kb in size. On database implementations that don’t support this partial insertion or extraction of column data, Rexx/SQL has no choice but to insert the file or extract the BLOB in one piece. This requires the allocation of memory of the size of the file or BLOB.

How do you use Max in SQL with having?

SQL MAX with HAVING example We use the MAX function in the HAVING clause to add the condition to the groups that summarized by the GROUP BY clause. For example, to get the department that has employee whose highest salary is greater than 12000, you use the MAX function in the HAVING clause as follows:

How many parameters can be passed to a Rexx external function?

rc = sqlcommand(q1,query1,”CHAR”,”F1″,”SMALLINT”,10) Some Rexx implementations limit the number of parameters that can be passed to a Rexx external function; (OS/2 Rexx has a limit of 20).