What is taps-N-toes?

When they formed Taps-N-Toes in 1989, what was most important to them was to have a dance school where children go to learn the art of dance, learn discipline and respect for themselves, as well as everyone around them and most importantly to have fun.

Who is attaptaps-N-toes?

Taps-N-Toes was founded by Anne Cleary and Carrie DeMilio in 1989. Anne and Carrie always shared a passion for dance from very young ages. As they grew and danced together at Fanton Dance Studio in Brewster/New Fairfield, so did their love for dance.

Why taps-N-toes dance school?

At Taps-N-Toes we are a NON-COMPETITIVE dance school because I firmly believe that not everything in a child’s life is about a competition! We are a public dance school that gives you the finest quality of teachers from local areas as well as NYC. We believe that dance, although a discipline should also be fun! So come on by and give us a try!!