What is the AHA program administration manual?

Q: What is the AHA Program Administration Manual—US Version (US PAM)? A: The AHA’s US PAM covers all aspects of program administration and training for the educational courses of the AHA’s CPR and ECC programs. The PAM is intended to supplement current ECC information and training materials.

How does an instructor become a TC faculty member?

Training Center Faculty Criteria

  1. Training Center Faculty Criteria.
  2. Each Training Center (TC) must appoint at least 1 Training Center Faculty (TCF) in each discipline it teaches.
  3. • The candidate must have been an instructor for a minimum of 2 years or has taught a.

What is an example of the minimum number of courses you can teach within a 2 year period to maintain an AHA Instructor status?

four AHA courses
1. Teach four AHA courses in the two year instructor certification period to maintain the certification and be eligible for renewal. 2.

What is the PSA score for ACLS?

Welcome to the American Heart Association Student Website! ACLS and PALS also include a Precourse Self-Assessment that is required for entry into the course. A score of 70% or higher is necessary to pass and print your report.

How do I become an AHA Training Center faculty?

How to Become an AHA Instructor

  1. After being accepted by an authorized AHA TC, complete an Instructor Candidate Application for the TC before enrolling in an AHA Instructor Course.
  2. Have current AHA provider status in the discipline for that Instructor Course and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline.

How many students can an AHA instructor teach?

A: BLS for Healthcare Providers teaches skills using the AHA’s Practice-While-Watching technique, which allows Instructors to observe the students, provide feedback and guide the students’ acquisition of skills. The course uses a recommended ratio of 6 students to 2 manikins to 1 instructor.

What is a prerequisite to becoming an AHA Instructor quizlet?

What is a prerequisite to becoming an AHA Instructor? What are the AHA core competencies for instructor candidates? Skills, course delivery, testing, professionalism, and program administration. You are going to teach a BLS Provider Course and need to check that all equipment is in good condition and is working.

How many times can you take the ACLS pretest?

A minimum score of 84% must be achieved to pass the ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment. There is no limit to the number of times the student can take the Precourse Self-Assessment.