What is the HS Code for candy?

HTS Code: 1704.90. 7000. Sugar Confectionery (including White Chocolate), Not Containing Cocoa, Others.

What is the HS Code for cotton?

HS Code 62043200 | Harmonized System Code Of Cotton.

What is HS Code for sweets?

1704 9071 – Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), not containing cocoa, Other, Other, Other, Boiled sweets, whether or not filled – Taric Support.

What is the HS Code for sewing machine?

HS Codes Heading
Heading Codes Heading Description Import Data
8452 HS Codes of Sewing machines, other than book-sewing machines of heading 8440; Furniture, bases and covers specially designed for sewing machines; Sewing machine needles View Import Data

What is the HS code for popcorn?

HTS Code: 1005.90. 4040. Popcorn, Unpopped, Except Seed.

What is the HS Code for Lays potato chips?

Lays Chips Export Data under HS Code 21069099 with Price.

What is cotton not carded or combed?

Cotton, not carded or combed are a part of Raw Cotton.

What is HS code of linen fabric?

HS Code 63025100 – Table, linen, cotton.

What products need a meursing code?

Meursing codes are used to determine which commodity code, and therefore how much duty, is applicable to your goods at importation in to the EU. For example: the EU classifies confectionary and bakery products, food preparations and more as “composite agrigoods”.

What is the HS Code for thread?

HSN Code 5401

HS Code Description GST%
540110 Sewing thread of synthetic filaments, whether or not put up for retail sale 12%

What is the GST rate for sewing machine?

GST Tax Rate: 12%

What is HSN code for banana chips?

Banana Chips Export Data under HS Code 21069099 with Price.