What is the purpose of a vice grip locking pliers?

Vice grips are the extra set of hands every DIYer needs. The locking feature allows them to be clamped tight and stay that way while you make a cut, measurement or free a stripped bolt. Common vice grips look like a heavy-duty set of pliers.

What is the proper name for Vise-Grip pliers?

Locking pliers (also called Vise-Grips, a vice grip, or a Mole wrench) are pliers that can be locked into position, using an “over-center” cam action.

What is the difference between a vice grip and a wrench?

Like: a vise grip uses the principle of the lever and the principle of wedging and the pipe wrench uses the principle of a squashing rhombus, with sharp bitey teeth and levering and wedging to grab a pipe in one direction and release in the other.

Where are combination pliers used?

Combination pliers are multi-purpose pliers, combining gripping jaws with wire cutters. They can be used for gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting and cutting various materials.

Why is it called a mole wrench?

In the 1950s Thomas Coughtrie patented his own version of the locking pliers and called them ‘Mole grips’. The name stuck and the tool became extremely popular with mechanics and engineers across the UK.

Where are Irwin saws made?

IRWIN products made in China.

How old are vice grips?

In 1934, the Petersen Manufacturing Company was formed, but it wasn’t until 1938 that they opened their first official manufacturing plant in a defunct drug store in “downtown” Dewitt. That first plant had a staff of 37.

What are Irwin Vise Grips made of?

alloy steel
Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability. Hardened teeth are designed to grip from any angle. Hex key adjusting screw tightens to adjust pressure and draw materials together and provides a controlled release. Backed by the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lifetime Guarantee.

What is a vise grip tool?

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original locking tools, with the classic guarded trigger release, provide maximum locking force for the exceptional performance that professional tradesmen depend on. The hardened teeth on the curved jaw of these pliers are designed to grip a variety of shapes tightly from any angle.

Why choose Irwin Vise-Grip original curved jaw pliers with wire cutter?

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Curved Jaw Pliers with Wire Cutter are ideal for a wide variety of applications and material shapes with hardened teeth designed to grip from any angle.

What kind of pliers do you use to grip pipes?

Water-pump pliers are often used to grip pipes. Locking pliers clamp down on your workpiece and hold it securely, allowing you to let go and work elsewhere. Many pliers are specifically designed to eliminate nut or bolt breakage.

What are the different types of KNIPEX pliers?

KNIPEX pliers are a popular brand and come in electrical, tongue and groove, V-jaw and snap ring offerings, to name a few. When choosing pliers, consider each type’s unique characteristics.