What kind of Setters are black?

Gordon Setter The dog’s large stature served it well in the inclement weather, and the breed was further optimized for stamina over speed. The United Kennel Club first recognized the breed in 1872, calling it the black and tan setter. In 1924, the name changed to Gordon setter.

What kind of dog looks like a black Irish Setter?

Appearance. Gordon Setters, also known as “black and tans”, have a coal-black coat with distinctive markings of a rich chestnut or mahogany colour on their paws and lower legs, vents, throat, and muzzles; one spot above each eye; and two spots on their chest. A small amount of white is allowed on the chest.

What Colours do Irish Setters come in?

Irish Setter/Colors
Coat Color Most Irish Setters are a beautiful deep shade of auburn. The official colors for their stunning, silky coats are mahogany, rich chestnut and red.

Can Gordon setters be all black?

When they stand, you may be sure there are birds.” The early Gordons also came in black and white, tricolor, and red, but the Duke was said to favor the dogs with black and tan coloring, and that’s what has prevailed over the years.

Are Irish Setters dumb?

Myth: Irish Setters Are Dumb. Not serious and stoic like some sporting breeds, the Irish Setter likes to goof around. The truth is that Irish Setters are intelligent dogs bred to work closely with hunters out in the field.

What is a flushing dog?

Flushing dogs work cover close to the hunter – within shotgun range – and work to put birds into the air for a shot. Many flushing dogs are also natural retrievers, and it can be as easy to train the dog to bring birds back as it is to teach the dog to stay close while scouring cover.

What is bad about Irish Setters?

Irish Setters become very attached to the people in their lives and can suffer from serious separation anxiety. They become very unhappy when they are left alone for more than a few hours and this unhappiness usually results in destructive behavior.

Can Gordon Setters be all black?

Is it possible to have a black Irish Setter?

It’s absolutely possible to have a full-bred black Irish setter, thanks to a recessive gene. Black Irish pups are rare and are almost never registered by “show” breeders by their kennel name because they don’t measure up to the standard.

What was the Irish Setter first bred for?

The Irish Setter is a stunning breed that traces its origins all the way back to 18th century Ireland. They were orignally bred for hunting, but now they serve as loyal companions. This is an energetic and sensistive dog that is sure to impress everyone it meets.

Should you get an Irish Red White Setter?

Choose an Irish Red and White Setter if you are an active person who can give him the exercise he needs. A long walk or run of an hour or more a day will do, or you can take him hiking. He’s also a super competitor in dog sports such as agility, obedience, and rally, and can be an excellent therapy dog.

Which AKC group does an Irish Setter belong to?

These dogs went into a crouch, also called a set, to indicate that they found a bird. The breed names of Setters in the Sporting Group are the English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, and the Irish Setter. This breed directory page features dog breeds that are members of the AKC Sporting Group.