What mixer do you have with gingerbread gin?

With warming notes of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and orange, the recommended serve is with a splash of tonic water or served neat over ice.

What tonic goes with gingerbread gin?


  • teaspoon grated ginger. dash of nutmeg. Gingerbread G & T.
  • ounces gin. .50 ounce spice infused amaretto. .25 ounce triple sec.
  • ounces tonic water. Instructions.

Which gins go best with ginger ale?

Our recommended pairings

  • Sipsmith London Cup Gin.
  • Østersøens Brænderi Cask Aged Gin.
  • Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin.
  • Fary Lochan Bourbon Gin.
  • Slingsby Yorkshire Gooseberry Gin.
  • Beckett’s Sloe Gin.

Is gin made from ginger root?

Ginger root is a common botanical used in gin production due to its familiar and cosy scent. In gin production, the spice imparts a sweet, peppery flavour with a delicate touch of warmth and freshness to the spirit.

How do I use gingerbread gin?

How do I drink gingerbread gin? You can drink it neat or over ice, but The Craft & Co has included its recommended Gingerbread Gin Alexander recipe on its website. Simply mix it with chocolate liqueur and cream, then top with biscuit crumbs to make a boozy, creamy version of all your childhood dreams come true.

How do you drink gingerbread gin liqueur?

This new dessert-filled liqueur is best enjoyed neat or on ice but would make itself at home in a festive cocktail or as a star ingredient for your next culinary masterpiece.

How do you serve gingerbread gin liqueur?

Gently heat the Gingerbread Gin Liqueur & coffee in a small pan hot, then pour into a small heatproof jug. Portion the ice cream across 2 elegant dessert glasses and pour the hot liqueur-coffee evenly across 2 elegant dessert glasses. Quickly sprinkle some gingerbread biscuit crumble across the top. Serve immediately!

Does Pink gin go with ginger ale?

This sweet and easygoing Gin and Ginger Ale cocktail is a hostess’ best friend. Three ingredients + one step = many happy faces! Take that, common core math! Gin and ginger ale cocktails have probably saved thousands of hosts and hostesses through the ages.

Does gin mix well with ginger ale?

Gin and ginger ale is a perfect cocktail combination, as the sweetness of the ginger ale balances the flavor of the gin. If a Gin Rickey is too tart for you and a gin & tonic is too dry, this might just be your go-to highball cocktail!

Why gin is called ladies drink?

Gin became available to the poor, cheaply and in large quantities during an era called the “Gin craze” way back in the early 1700’s. It was in this time that the phrase “Mother’s Ruin” was coined and gin became synonymous with women.

What goes with Mincepies gin?

The Mince Pie Gin Liqueur costs £10 and is perfectly paired with a bottle of Extra Special Clementine and Cinnamon Tonic.