Where are Esquif canoes made?

Frampton, Quebec
Esquif Canoes, Made in Frampton, Quebec.

What is Tformex?

T-Formex is a high tech ABS plastic laminate, specially designed for products that require structural memory and a resistance to abrasion and impacts. These characteristics make it the best choice for canoes. When we produce T-Formex we build it in sheets and these sheets of material are baked in an oven.

What is a cargo canoe?

A freighter canoe is a larger shallow draft inland waterway vessel used for carrying heavy loads and up to 12 people. Freighter canoes are also known as cargo canoes because they can be used for transporting heavy loads up to 3 tons. Freighter canoes are often fitted with an outboard trolling motor.

Why is Royalex discontinued?

Royalex was developed by Uniroyal in the 1970s. In 2013, plastics company PolyOne, of Avon Lake, Ohio purchased Spartech, and decided to shut down Royalex production due to its low volume.

What has replaced Royalex?

Last spring Esquif Canoes, a Quebec canoe manufacturing company, came out with their line of canoes made with T-formex. This new material was something they developed to replace the loss of Royalex when Poly-One shut down production.

What is Formex material?

T-Formex is a laminate made up of a foam core fixed between two sheets of ABS plastic, resulting in a surface that’s rugged, keeps its shape and floats. Louis Shaw, co-owner of Two Brothers Canoes in Rogers, said his canoe business has been pretty much idle for years because of the lack of material.

How heavy should my anchor be for a canoe?

Most kayakers use a 1 1/2- to 3-pound folding grapnel anchor, which is easy to store. For calm lakes or rivers with little or no wind or current, a smaller anchor is generally ok, but for areas with surge, wind and current, a heavier anchor is better.

Who sits in the back of a canoe?

Sitting in the Stern (Back) of the Canoe The back of the canoe is where the steering takes place. For this reason, the more experienced paddler, or more coordinated person, should be in the stern of the canoe. When there are only two canoeists, it is also better to have the heavier person in the back of the canoe.

How long will a Royalex canoe last?

A Canoe will usually last for about 10-15 years before it needs major repairs or to be replaced.

What happened to Royalex canoes?

It became THE material for whitewater and river tripping canoes. And then it died. In 2013 the plastics company PolyOne purchased Spartech, who had the rights to manufacture Royalex. Due to low demand for the material, they shipped the last sheets of it in December 2013 and closed production.