Where are the 13 Turpin children now?

They were arrested later on. Previously, Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Beecham told PEOPLE: “Some of them (The Turpin children) are living independently, living in their own apartment, and have jobs and are going to school. Some volunteer in the community.

Where does Jordan Turpin live?

In 2018, Turpin, then a brave 17-year-old, escaped her Perris, Calif., home and made the call to authorities, who discovered that she and her siblings were starved, living in squalor and, in some cases, shackled to beds.

Where can I watch the Turpin family documentary?

The Diane Sawyer special event, “Escape From A House Of Horror,” is now streaming on Hulu.

How old is the oldest Turpin child?

The ages of Turpin Family children range from 5- 33 years at present. When the case grabbed public attention, the youngest was aged 2 whereas the oldest was 29 years old Jennifer. At that time, 17 years old Jordan was the one who saved all her 12 siblings from their parent’s clutches.

When did Jordan Turpin escape?

On Jan. 14, 2018, Turpin and her 12 siblings — then aged 2 to 29 — were rescued from their abusive parents, then 57-year-old David Turpin and 50-year-old Louise Turpin after Jordan escaped through a window and called 911 from a deactivated phone.

Are the Turpin siblings together?

The paper reports that the adult Turpin siblings still live in areas across Southern California. They were said to still be adjusting to “traditional lifestyles after years of abuse and imprisonment at the hands of their parents.”

Is there a movie on the Turpin Family?

Where to watch Turpin Family Documentary. Watch Escape From A House Of Horror on 19 November 2021 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC and stream Escape From A House Of Horror on Hulu on 20 November 2021.

Why were the Turpin parents so abusive?

The family initially lived in Fort Worth but moved to Rio Vista in 1999. The abuse initially started as a form of negligence and abandonment but went on to take a violent turn over the years. The Turpins left their Rio Vista home in 2010 and moved to California.

Did Jennifer Turpin run away?

She told Sawyer she did run away once but was so worried about her siblings she returned only a day later. In the leadup to gaining their freedom, Turpin said her parents started chaining her siblings to the bed, sometimes for months on end.