Who owns Pilbara Port Authority?

Western Australia State Government
Pilbara Ports Authority is a Western Australia State Government owned entity, deriving revenue from the operation and development of Port of Port Hedland, Port Ashburton and Port of Dampier, where the ports are engaged in the exportation and importation of bulk commodities, particularly iron ore, in the Pilbara region …

Who owns the port at Port Hedland?

the Pilbara Port Authority
Port Hedland’s harbour is managed by the Pilbara Port Authority, a state government instrumentality.

What is shipped from Port Hedland?

The world’s largest bulk export port, with exports including iron ore, lithium and salt.

Is Port Hedland the biggest port in the world?

Port Hedland is located in the North West Pilbara region of Western Australia and is the world’s biggest bulk export port by tonnage. Record throughput tonnage for the port this year: 288.4 million metric tons.

What is between Port Hedland and Broome?

To the north, Broome is 611 kilometres away via the Great Northern Highway. Pardoo and Sandfire Roadhouses, located north of Port Hedland on the Great Northern Highway are a welcome stopping point on the drive between Port Hedland and Broome.

What is Port Authority?

Definition of port authority : a governmental commission empowered to manage or construct port facilities.

What is the biggest iron ore port in the world?

Vale – 300 million tonnes The Carajás mine in northern Brazil is Vale’s largest operation and is among the biggest iron ore mines in the world.

Why is Port Hedland the busiest port in Australia?

The Port of Hedland is the biggest container port in all of Australia as well as all of Oceania. Located on the Western coast of Australia, Hedland became the first port to handle over a million tons of cargo within a year. Now the Port of Hedland is responsible for handling about 452 million tons of cargo each year.

What is the population of Port Hedland?

The Estimated Resident Population of the Town of Port Hedland was 15,471 as of the 30th June 2020. The Estimated Resident Population (ERP) is the official population of the area.

Is the road from Port Hedland to Tom Price sealed?

Paraburdoo–Tom Price Road is part of the sealed road link between North West Coastal Highway and Great Northern Highway in the southern half of the Pilbara.

Is Port Hedland worth visiting?

A nice place to go for a long walk on the beach, to fish or to swim at the right time of year. Beware of stingers, stonefish and crocodiles! But generally safe.

Can an arriving vessel pass the first reporting point at Port Hedland?

An arriving vessel will not be allowed to pass the first reporting point at the Port of Port Hedland without carrying the latest edition of AUS Charts 53 and 54, AusENC Port Pack PT613 – Port Hedland (or similar approved electronic charts) corrected to the latest edition of Notice to Mariners at the time of departure from the last port of call.

What is the port of Port Hedland?

The world’s largest bulk export port, with exports including iron ore, lithium and salt. All vessels of greater than 35m (LOA) are required to submit the attached “Ship Masters Pre-Arrival Declaration” when calling the Port of Port Hedland.

Did you know Port Hedland once have a seafarer’s book?

A piece of Port Hedland history is being preserved in a book dedicated to seafarers and the man who was instrumental in the port becoming the commercial success it is today. Direct shipping into Pilbara ports is gaining momentum, with the arrival of the fourth shipping service into Port Hedland since November.