Who won the EFL Cup 2011 to 12?

Liverpool F.C.
2011–12 Football League Cup/Champion

Who promoted 2012?

19th: West Ham United are promoted to the Premier League after beating Blackpool 2–1 at the 2012 Championship Play-Off final at Wembley Stadium. Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League after beating Bayern Munich 4–3 at penalties following a 1–1 draw.

When was the last time Liverpool played at Wembley?

The 2012 Football League Cup Final was a football match between Cardiff City and Liverpool on 26 February 2012 at Wembley Stadium, London.

Who won the Carling Cup 2012?

2012 Football League Cup Final/Champion

How many points did Blackpool get in Premier League?

Historical places

Season League Points
12/13 Championship 15
11/12 Championship 5
10/11 Premier League 19
09/10 Championship 6

When was the 2011/12 football league season?

The 2011–12 Football League (known as the npower Football League for sponsorship reasons) was the 113th season of the Football League. It began in August 2011 and concluded in May 2012, with the promotion play-off finals.

What was the date of the 2011-12 Barclays Premier League season?

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When did npower Football League Championship 2011–2012 season domestic stats come out?

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When did the 2012/13 Premier League season end?

The Championship ended on 28 April 2012, whilst League One, and League Two ended on 5 May 2012. The Premier League ended on 13 May 2012. 17th: Former Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish is appointed manager of Aston Villa.