Are Renault Koleos reliable?

While it’s impossible to surmise the Koleos’ reliability until it has spent longer in the hands of customers, the X-Trail it’s based on came a respectable 60th in our 2018 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, in a list of the top 75 models.

What is the price of Renault Koleos?

Renault Koleos Ex-Showroom price starts at ₹ 27.49 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 32.47 Lakh. Renault offers Koleos in 3 variants.

What does koleos mean?

Koleos. The exact meaning behind the name of Renault’s mid-size SUV is still a little unclear. The word reportedly means ‘sheath’ in Greek and ‘testicle’ in Latin.

Are Renault still making the Koleos?

Renault has axed the Koleos SUV from its UK model line-up just three years after it first went on sale, the company has confirmed. The Koleos, reintroduced in 2017 following poor sales of the first-generation car, sits above the relatively popular Kadjar in Renault’s line-up.

Does the Koleos have a CVT transmission?

Based as it is on a Nissan X-Trail, the Koleos has to make do with a Nissan -sourced 2.5-litre four-cylinder. Driving the front wheels through a CVT, the driveline is the least Renault part of the car. Bear in mind that the CVT is not a favoured transmission of mine, so take from that what you will.

Is the 2020 Renault Koleos steady-as-she-goes?

The 2020 Renault Koleos is definitely steady-as-she-goes. Renault is making bold claims about its “reimagined” Koleos. It doesn’t look much different, has the same engine and is pretty much the same in every way. That might not be a bad thing, however. Let’s ponder for a moment Renault’s assertions about the 2020 Koleos.

Is the Koleos a good car?

The Koleos is a big machine and so you get a lot of space inside. Front-seat passengers score a pair of cupholders that are useful rather than the usual mess you get from French carmakers (although this is improving). You can also use the cupholders to store small valuables when you leave the car, as they have a roll-top cover.

What is the average fuel consumption on a Koleos?

We had a good long run with the Koleos over a smoky, messy Christmas that included dragging various loads to and from a house in the process of being renovated. The indicated average was a commendable 10.2L/100km with little highway running.