Can the Sara Plus be used for walking?

Suitable when Sara Plus is used for standing, stepping and walking practice rather than the traditional use of a standing and raising aid, this sling gives safe support to patients during standing, stepping and walking practice.

What is the maximum weight capacity for the Sara Plus?

See also “Care of your Sara Plus” section. Warning: IMPORTANT: When using the transfer and walking sling for the transfer operation the maximum lifting capacity is 140kg (308lbs). When using the same sling for walking practice the maximum lifting capacity is 190kg (420lbs). Do not exceed these weight limits.

Where is the emergency stop button on the Sara lift?

The red Emergency Stop Button is located on the front of the control box and is activated by pressing in. This will cut all power to the lift and can be reset by twisting the button counter- clockwise and releasing.

How much weight can a Sara steady hold?

400 lb
The Sara Stedy has been designed with a capacity of 182 kg (400 lb). Always carry out the recommended daily maintenance before using the lift.

What is an Arjo lift?

The Arjo ceiling lifts allow. caregivers to transfer patients or residents. without manual lifting, thereby helping to. reduce the risk of injury for themselves and. the person in their care.

What is a Maxi Move?

Maxi Move is designed to enable a single caregiver to manage demanding everyday patient or resident transfer and repositioning tasks. It is a versatile solution that can be adapted using a variety of spreader bars to accommodate patient transfer needs. Vertical mast provides stability while the patient is lifted.

What is a tenor lift?

Tenor mobile floor lifter is specifically designed for lifting and transferring plus-size patients or residents. The curved design maximises lifting clearance and is important for 360-degree rotation when patient is lifted.

Can a single person use a Sara Stedy?

Intended Use This lift is intended to be used only by patients who have the ability to stand unaided or who can stand with minimal assistance. The Sara Stedy may also be used as a supportive aid when elevating a patient for the purposes of changing wound dressings, incontinence pads or for personal cleansing.

What is the arc rest on Sara plus?

The arc rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing additional upper body support during the raising action. Designed for operation by a single caregiver, Sara Plus can be a cost-effective solution for standing transfers, stepping and gait training. The sling is designed specifically for Sara Plus.

How do I use the Sara plus?

Take each adjustment cord in turn and attach to the sling. Page 15 Patients who can only hold on with one hand, (those who have suffered a “stroke”, for example) may still be lifted by using the Sara Plus. The patient may just rest the unusable arm on the Arc-Rest or hold it across their chest, and rest their elbow on the Fig.

How do I use my Sara plus ArjoHuntleigh scale?

Using your Sara Plus ArjoHuntleigh Scale (if fitted) If your Sara Plus has been supplied with the integral Scale unit, it is possible to weigh a patient during the lifting procedure. Scale (optional):- To use the scale, if available, refer to the Scale IFU.

How to use the Sara plus sling?

For the use of each individual type of sling see When the patient is ready, give assistance or allow following sections: the patient to place his/her feet on the foot support, pushing the Sara Plus towards the patient a little to achieve this easily. (See Fig. 13).