Can you go to Robinwood with family?

Robinwood costs per activity group remain very similar however many children there are in the group but, with fewer children in the group, children are likely to get more goes and more individual attention. We can accommodate groups of up to 285 children.

Can you visit dobroyd castle?

Access to the Castle by car is difficult, but if you need to go by car, route information will be supplied when booking. Ticket-holders should meet the Guide in Todmorden (full details supplied with tickets) for a ½ mile walk up the wooded hillside to the Castle.

What activities are at Robinwood?

Activities at Robinwood

  • Archeryfind out more…
  • Canoeingfind out more…
  • Cavingfind out more…
  • Climbingfind out more…
  • Crate Challengefind out more…
  • Dungeonfind out more…
  • Giant Swingfind out more…
  • Nightlinefind out more…

Where is Robin Wood located?

Todmorden, Lancashire It is a historic, grade two star listed building, with wonderful architecture including a breathtaking main entrance hall. The 17 acres of grounds, which accommodate Robinwood adventure and teamwork activities, are also the home for a wide range of wildlife including deer, rabbits and many more.

What should I bring to Robinwood?

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  • Suggested clothing list for Robinwood.
  • • 3 t-shirts, • 3 sweatshirts.
  • socks as thin socks aren’t warm enough, especially with Wellington boots)
  • • 1 pair of trainers (indoor use)
  • hiking boots)
  • • 2 towels.
  • We found that as the weather is unpredictable, items of clothing should be included that can be worn as layers.

When was dobroyd castle built?

1. Dobroyd Castle is a grade II* listed building found high up in Todmorden moors. It has 66 rooms with 17 acres of land. It was built between 1866 and 1869.

Why was dobroyd castle built?

Dobroyd Castle is an important historic building above the town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England. It was built for John Fielden, local mill owner and son of Honest John Fielden the Social Reformer and MP. The building has had a varied past….

Dobroyd Castle
Architect John Gibson

Where is Robin Wood Cumbria?

Robinwood is an outdoor activity centre at Barhaugh Hall in Alston, Cumbria.

Who owned dobroyd Castle?

The Castle was acquired by Buddhists of the New Kadampa Tradition in 1995. They bought the castle for £320,000 and the building became the Losang Dragpa Centre, named after a famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.

What borough is Todmorden in?

Calderdale metropolitan borough
Todmorden, town (parish), Calderdale metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of West Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, northern England. It lies on the River Calder and the Rochdale Canal.

What is Calderdale famous for?

Calderdale is located almost exactly halfway between Manchester and Leeds, at the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. It is a place that has inspired poets, novelists, painters and musicians. Yet it is also been called the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.

Is Todmorden in Yorkshire or Lancashire?

The borough is part of the historic county of Yorkshire, except for a small area west of Todmorden that belongs to the historic county of Lancashire. Halifax is the administrative centre. Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Eng.

How many rooms does Dobroyd Castle have?

When built, the house had sixty-six rooms. Service rooms to north not inspected. HISTORY: Dobroyd Castle was the home of John Fielden (1822-1893), and his wife Ruth (1826-1877). Fielden was part of a dynasty of cotton manufacturers based in Todmorden.

Where is drivedobroyd Castle?

Dobroyd Castle is situated on Pexwood Road, just off the A681 Bacup Road. Pexwood Road is suitable for cars and small vehicles only, not coaches or other large vehicles.

Where did Lord Dobroyd die?

He died at Dobroyd Castle in 1893. The most significant carved feature of Dobroyd Castle’s imposing hall is the series of relief sculptures which fill the tympana above four doors.

Who is the founder of Castle Beds?

Our principal designer and co-founder, Kevin, spent two very special years living among the extraordinary castles of Europe. They are the inspiration for many of our castle beds. As you look through our various designs you will see staircases, slides and towers to fit just about any room or decor.