Can you stop cloud from giving Sephiroth the Black Materia?

1.43: The Black Materia After Cait Sith is done, you see the temple turn black, then very small, landing at the bottom of a hole where the temple was. Cloud and Aeris go down to fetch it, but then Sephiroth shows up. He ends up with the black materia, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Do you take the Black Materia ff7?

Pick up the summon materia that’s left behind (Bahamut). Then go back and examine the floating gold object on the dais. It’s actually the Black Materia. You have the option of touching the Black Materia, it doesn’t matter which answer you choose.

Who should I give the Black Materia to?

Cloud will pick up the Black Materia off the ground at the end of the fight but Tifa suggests that you give it to someone else for safekeeping. You can give it either to Barret or Red XIII as Cid, Cait Sith, Yuffie and Vincent will not accept it. Talk to Tifa again after you hand the Black Materia over.

What if Sephiroth won?

Sephiroth’s plan was to use the Black Materia to summon Meteor, which would cause a massive wound on the surface of the world. If Sephiroth wins, then it would become a race between who could achieve their goals first.

Is the iron blade better than the Buster sword?

This is another well-rounded weapon for Cloud. However, unlike the buster sword, the iron blade has more of a focus on defense and magic. So, adding Heal and/or Revive Materia, Barrier, HP Up, MP Up, Magic Up, and Parry would help Cloud form more of a tank/magic alignment.

Why does Sephiroth want the Black Materia?

Case 2, Sephiroth after 5 years in the Lifestream: Action: He manipulates Cloud (who has Jenova’s cells in him, and is mentally unstable) to give him the Black Materia so he can cast Meteor and make a scar upon the Planet so he can absorb all of the Lifestream that will gather there and become a God (the one who rules)