Does AAA homeowners insurance cover AC units?

Home Systems Protection plans from AAA can cover repair or replacement for important items like you central air unit and water heater as well as many other essential systems. AAA Insurance offers Home Protection Plans that are customizable to meet your unique needs and to provide a broader protection for your home.

Does State Farm include AAA?

State Farm Roadside Assistance has towing only to the nearest repair facility. This is comparable to AAA Classic, which has towing up to five miles. But AAA comes at a much higher prices, $68 for AAA Classic, $104 for AAA Plus and $131 for AAA Premier. State Farm Roadside Assistance is $5 to $7 per policy period.

How does AAA home insurance work?

Get the home insurance coverage you need at AAA Whatever your situation is, a home insurance policy protects your assets — from replacement costs for personal goods to living expenses if your abode becomes uninhabitable. Here are the standard coverages offered by AAA Insurance: Dwelling and Other Structures

How much does a AAA member save in Arizona?

AAA Members save 10%. 1 Home insurance provided by CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer. Insurance products in Arizona are offered through AAA Arizona Inc., License #8301727 and Sunstate Insurance Agency, LLC, License #17203444.

What factors affect the price of AAA homeowners insurance?

The price of AAA homeowners insurance policies depends on many factors, such as your home’s age, location and condition. Your proximity to fire and police stations, and whether you own a dog can also affect your rates.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on AAA home insurance?

All information is presented without any warranty or guarantee to you. The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a long-standing and well-recognized name in the American insurance market. AAA home insurance has been supporting homeowners for well over a century.